how do we make fruitful,for you localyte and ourselves to gain for this service, advice


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Internet Marketing- Gift of Modern Technology to the World, Higher numbers of people are experiencing the fruitful results of it.

Can you imagine selling of any product or service without doing any kind of advertising or marketing? The answer would be a ‘no’. Marketing is basically human activities that is directed towards making people aware and convince them about buying certain product or service aimed at solving their respective problems.Earlier marketing was done at physical level through print Medias, television, audio, personal selling, etc but now the entire trend has got a facelift due to the advent of internet marketing. This has made businesses getting easy hold over globalizing and setting up open trade relations. Higher numbers of people are experiencing the fruitful results of it. Online marketing do not have many limitations like geographical constraints, higher cost of marketing, time bondages, etc.
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Thanks for sharing this ,Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or assistance that you may require. Individual and discounted group rates also available on request
We aim to create that special relationship which converts our business partners and visitors into life longtime friends.
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People from all over the globe have started accepting the importance and benefits of online marketing of their business. Companies give ample to time and money to mark their strong presence on internet. This medium has got mass appeal that can reach millions of target customers. Internet has the ability to generate mass appeal in the audiences. If tried at physical level you need to spend too much amount of money and time in getting it delivered to target customers especially if your customer base is spread globally. The medium of online marketing has filled in the gaps of communication between the people and companies who wants to market their business.
Mass appeal that is generated by internet marketing is its strongest point. This service proves to be a boon for online businesses that desire to use this tool for maximizing their profits. Even small business owners can get benefit from this sort of marketing as a good internet marketer can apply techniques that could promote their products/services in attractive manner. You can find many online companies who provide specialized services of SEO, online marketing, emails, etc. You can make use of these services for your business extension and popularizing it.
Eyes on Nature Expeditions is big enough to fully cover all your tour requirements yet small enough to empathetically involve itself in your tour with quality personalized /customized services.

Other services provided by Eyes on Nature Expeditions include:-
• International and domestic airline ticketing;
• Tailor made FIT (Fully Inclusive Tour) International itineraries to suit your client’s needs;
• Long or short tour packages within Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and Seychelles;
• Incentive tour programs which includes stays in prime properties and exotic locations;
• Airport/hotel/Airport transfers;
• City and local excursions;
• Shopping itineraries;
• Airport transfers;
• Conferencing and event management;
• Special interest groups such as Golfing, Honeymoon, Bird watching, Fishing safaris and others.

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Global technology has heightened, knowledge has widened and the market is big. The wiser and exposed will survive within this diverse marketing system. The wider you are connected the more you will serve many people who want the services you offer.
Localyte is a network where you can market yourself, easily without trouble by putting in a few words for the liking groups i.e potential clients.
You can use Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, blog etc
There are other much more that I could mention for you if time would allow but be aware that the more you expose your business the more you get inquiries!
earn a living and social network through commissions and friendship
earn a living and social network through commissions and friendship
me as localite i wil gain experience in handling visitors from different background and regions.i will also be given chance to share with visitors which is fundermental in exploiting my carrier.i will gain access to different places and also enjoy myself.The visitors will aso enjoy themselves and get to know the best places in Nairobi.
make localyte mobile phone friendly (like ) my country we surf the web more via our handsets that the pc....additional features,like IM chat, promotions/special offers and mobile phone applications ! that can work on an iphone,nokia,android etc

This will help me answer questions on the go and keep me using this website !

holla 2020 and beyond
organize gatherings which would discuss progress
Great way to share my knowledge of Kenya and all the places i have been to and can relate to. Also good for getting to know new people and also learning what people out there are looking for and to assist in giving the correct advise since we have experienced the location.
Locallite should be made available via phone that way it is easy and accessible for me and travellers who want to know more about kasarani.travellers coming to visit kasarani and itsd outskirts should be given direct contacts that is mine and any other tour guide around this area
Are you talking about the service I offer or the "localyte" service?

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