areas in Prague have the best clubs?

any particular area or particular streets thast the best for restaurants, bars, nightlife?


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


all over the Old Town and New town are tons of bars and clubs, there is no particular street, prague is overloaded with nightlife!

I recommend the best place for party!
Go to Smíchov district (around Anděl metro station). There are plenty of bars and pubs with much reasonable prices than in the very centre.
hmmm chapeau is a place not everyone would admire - it's a drug trafficking spot, after all, and attracts the crowd that reflects this trend.
indeed, all over the town there are clubs and bars. bigger and smaller. depends on the music you like. i'd suggest staying away from Solidni Nejostota (insanely overpriced and sleazy spot), and head instead to Bombay Cocktail Bar on Dlouha street, right off Old Town Square. Not the cheapest ever place, but it's fun, has a dancefloor, and is alive every single day of the week from about midnight on (weekends from about 10:30pm).
restaurant wise my only advice is to avoid the Vaclavske Namesti restaurants if price is of concern. There is about 15 to 30 restaurant i personally favor all around the city though, all price ranges...
If you do head to Andel area, there's gonna be more restaurants than bars. JetSet bar is worth stopping by for a steak, a chill-out drink or two (unless they're having a corporate party), and the salsat with goat cheese - it's delicious.
Corte di Angelo - a very lovely pizzeria.
Potrefena Husa - you must go there to taste Velvet brand of beer that isn't exported outside Czech Republic and is sevred in very few places.... The list can go on :).
I'm suprized noone has mentioned Zizkov and Vinohrady area, they are best known for the amount of bars and clubs. Check out Techle Mechle, Valentino(gay club - 3 floors), Termix . At Holesovice Mecca and Cross Club(very good alternative music club), STYX Bar and Mayday on Palmovka....
And if you are mentioning Zizkohrady (my wife's nickname for the area bordering Zizkov and Vinohrady), you have to include Akropolis at the corner of Kubelikova and Vita Nejedleho. It's not that big and can be dead, but can also be tons of fun, depending on your luck that evening. Live music is often good there but stops at 10 (This is due to the noise laws.) A block down the hill is Borivojova street, which features Hospudka Nad Viktorka, as classic a Czech dive as you'll find in the capital, and across the street is Bukowski's, a cocktail bar owned by a Slovak/Canadian. In fact, it's worthwhile to walk the whole length of Borivojova and drink everyplace that looks cool to you.
Plenty of decents bars and clubs all over the city.

Bombay Bar and Harley's Bar (almost opposite each other on Dlouha) are very good, although often packed with touristy types.

For something a bit more "local" then why not try Infinity (close to Flora) or Techle Mechle (it means "Hanky-Panky") which is on Vinohradska.

A gay friend of mine also raves about Friends Bar, Valentino and Termix - as mentioned on here previously
well, look, i know a lot about clubbing, so here are the streets. Dlouha-with famous club Roxy, Bombay, Dusni is full of bars, Kaprova street, Old Town -Double Trouble, Havelska- Vertigo....i think that should be ok for now.enjoy

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