Japanese tourist - need tourist visa to Bangkok?

I'm now in japan and my husband is japanese, we will go to bangkok for a few days on vacation. Do we need tourist visa to go there?


City: Bangkok Metropolis

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


You could enter Thailand as tourist for 30 days without Visa, if you need more information, check it out at
As far as I am aware..your husband will need a visa. You don't mention what nationality you are. Visa requirements change so often here in Thailand that I would advise you to get a visa just to be safe. You would hate for your husband to be turned away at the airport's customs and immigration in Thailand, although visas can be issued at the airport. That could take some time.
Check out this site for more info...
Hello If you are both of Japaneese nationality, you will need to get a visa to enter Thailand before arriving here. Any Thai Embassy can issue a visa for you.
Welcome to Thailand.
I have just read your question and you don't state your nationality, however as your husband is Japanese he would be granted a thirty day tourist visa upon arrival as most citizens are from a number of countries. The Thai government
has introduced free tourist visas up until sometime in June and they are available from most consulates.

I may suggest you look at and find the contact for your countries local consulate or embassy and contact them when you know your date of travel the sooner the better.
Captain Michael
No, you don't need a tourist visa. Japanese also get 30 days on arrival.
Japanese tourist can get visa on arrival, So don't worry about your husband but I don't know what nationally you are? If you are Japanese so the same to your husband.
Hi when you arrive in bkk they ill give a tourist visa for 30 days, if you have any question chek at have a good trip
Hi there
Your Japanese husband does not need any VISA for Thailand.
But, what is your nationality? Do you eventually need one?
please check!
have a wonderful trip in Thailand!

As far as I know japanese tourist will get 30 days upon arrival.
the best is to contact the Thai embassy in Japan
You might find the answer at:
You might find the answer at:
You dont need a visa to go here, the thai immigration will give you a 30 days from the airport, you can enjoy bangkok or any other places here and 30 days is more than enough, I hope that you will going to enjoy your vacation here.
Yep, look out for Visa upon arrival counter at the airport, and you can get 30 days visa there...

Have fun.
he will get a tourist visa upon arrival so don't worry.


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