Anyone know where i can rent a horse drawn carriage for a special event in wiesbaden germany?


Country: Germany


I found a place called: Fahrstall Berghof

Alexander Berghof
Grundweg 7
65187 Wiesbaden

Tel.: 0611 - 846323
mobil: 0172 - 6112135
Fax: 0611 - 846326

Although the website is in German, I'm sure they will be able to understand English. Good luck and have fun!

sorry, I'm in Hamburg
good luck
In case you are not able to get the carriage through Philo's connection, just try to enquire with the tourist info of Wiesbaden, you can google it / they sure would know who to contact. Or any big hotel as Germans do hire horse/drawn carriages for weddings. Good luck.

i can reserve it for you if you want. i you need my services please reply me back, thanks

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