Can anyone tell me if I need to learn French before going to Paris?

Ill be staying in Europe for 3 months, do you think Ill be okay if I only know English?


City: Paris

Region: Ile-de-France

Country: France


French is not necessary, but if you start off any conversation by asking "Do you speak English?", you will get some rather cold reactions. Try to say "Bonjour" first, or "Excusée moi" (Pronounced Ex-Koozay-Mwah). Its a matter of protocol. Imagine aforeigner comingup to you in the US and saying (rapidly) "parlez vous Français?".... You would probably take a step back and say "Hey man, this is the US..." Its the same here in France. Chances are, if you try to speak a few words in French, the person with whom you are trying will recognize your accent and then respond in English, but if you just blurt out "Do you speak English", that same person will give you the cold shoulder....
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Paris is international city. If you know english it is enough.
Have fun:)
Yes, it's ok if you speak english but try to know some easy and common words... French are sometimes very proud of their language and will be happy to hear you trying ;)
Basically you can, especially in the service area (shops, restaurants, etc), but it's better to learn a few words - the French are very proud of their language. So a few words in French would be a nice way to start a conversation and to create a warm atmosphere.

i think you should learn such basics like hello, thank you...that makes tourists very cute and sweet. after then you can speak in english :)

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enjoy paris :))
As a foreigner and a tourist that cannot claim French as a first language, I fully agree with Christian. At least try to have basic phrases like Bonjour, Merci, Excusez-moi. Try asking for direction partly in French and partly in English will endears you to them and the Parisian will gestulate in order to show you your destination. Policemen are very helpful, just say Bonjour, ou est le direction a ...Montmarte (for example, a helpful phrase to learn). A great smile is always helpful. Bon voyage
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enjoy :)

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