singles clubs in prague?

want place to find single male american while visiting. would like to have company to help see city. also places to meet other singles or friends or both.


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


not that i've ever heard of single clubs. just go to a normal bar (ideally not named rocky o'reilly's) and talk to the people there. you can also find people to show you around on you may also post an add here:

might be a bit difficult to sign up though. otherwise try your luck on or
I'm not aware of any "singles clubs" as such in Prague, as it's more an American thing.

What I would suggest is you go to any regular bar in the centre, or to a Sports/Irish Bar during the day and you're bound to get chatting to someone

You can also try going to any of a number of decent clubs (Solidni Nejistota, La Fabrique, Celnice, Duplex or Lucerna 80's Bar) where i'm sure you'll meet like minded people
Hi.Maybe Im not exacty sure what you mean,but l think that we dont have a single clubs in Prague at all.You can go to disco/clubs like Mish Mash,Postel,La fabrica,Chapoux Rouge or Duplex.If you are looking just for shag go to Atlas,Desire or any go go bar :-))
A friend of mine, Will, runs a pub crawl in Prague. Definitely the best place to start for your kind of buzz.

try to find a friend to show you round here: :-)
Hi there! I´m sorry,but i live 250kms far from the capital, it means i dont know Prague´s better for you to find somebody from that place i wish you good luck and nice staying in Czech republic.
All depends on your target (age and social stratus)

These are some places I got good results in the past

U Buldoka at Andel
Lucerna Music Bar & Club at Vodickova
Dogs Bollocks at Andel
U buldoka at Andel
Techle Mechle at Vynohraska
Bombay Cocktail & Music Bar Dlouha Street
Infinity Club at Flora

Avoid these

Solid Uncertainty Bar & Club
Duplex Dance Club & Café Bar
Karlovy Lazne Dance Club

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