I wana join a trekking group in New Delhi... for anywhere in India... Suggest me email id..


City: New Delhi

Union territory: Delhi

Country: India


Hi, its difficult to answer your question because you have to exactly what kind of trekking you are interested in? like to give you an easy way to search, just type trekking in India at Google Search, you will find excellent results, still if you want something exciting / adventurers then i can introduce you to The mountaineering and hiking club of India at Srinagar. Its really nice and you need spend a good amount of time. They will make you a member then train you and depending on your fitness you can even climb Everest. Thanks
dear friend, your question is too general, trekking is done in different areas differently.first of all you must be aware how fit and trained you are do it. however there are several treks for ordinary trekkers for fun. you can contact some of the agents in rishikesh area who are doing treks regularly for young groups. search the google for trekking tour operators in rishikesh area
Check-out the following link wherein you would find more information : -

Ramblers club, punjabi bagh, delhi. organises many trekking tours for the himachal, utarakhand, etc
please log on this website hope they and any fix departure trip to Himalayas
Why from Delhi?
If you come to Pune, I will show you many options of trekking for historical hill forts of Maharshtra. They are beautiful, good treks, easy to difficult levels. November to Feb is good season.
I have personally seen more tha 50 forts, and accompany you.
Delhi to Pune... Direct flight just Rs. 3000 or so.

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