Planning study French this year, for 4 weeks intensive course I ´ve seen Sorbonne courses, any advice? I ´ m not sure if I ´ll be... Paris or Toulouse


City: Paris

Region: Ile-de-France

Country: France


If you believe you can pick up the language well in 4 weeks then think again. French is a complicated language. As some one who speaks it well enough to be taken for a French native, it took me almost four years to perfect the pronunciation and accent. I love languages and have an ear for them and speak 10, but each took me many years to reach the level of competence considered native. Luckily my mother tongue Urdu has all the sounds existing in most of the world's languages. Hence I could pick up the accent faster that many people.. So, my friend, think again and go for alonger duration of study and submerge yourself totally in the ambience and I am sure you will come out a winner..
Thanks for your advice!
I´m a kind you intermediate student in French, I ve used to speak it better when I was a kid. My native language is Portuguese. Now I need listen more French, Actually I need to improve my writting and reading.
but I agree with you, that you need a long time to speak another language.
I dont think you will learn much French that you will remember long term in just 4 weeks but it sounds like a good way to get rid of unwanted money.
Your best way would be to submerge yourself in the language and culture by staying with French People for some months, perhaps by working here. Good luck
If you are in Paris I advise courses at the Alliance Française, boulevard Raspail. They have different types of courses depending on your schedule and budget. Try to stay with a French family, you will speak French every day. Or find a job in a French café or restaurant.
If you are in Toulouse I will give you the telephone of a cousin who can make conversation with you.
I agree with Sabine as far as submerging totally in the French atmosphere and mixing up with the people. That way your knowledge of childhood would come out to the front and it would be easier to learn the language. But, Sabine, I must say that I am a bit disappointed with Alliance Francaise as far as India is concerned. So far I am yet to find their students speaking fluent language, even after three years of study. Anyways, I hope you are able to learn the language well and fast.. I love French and worked hard to learn it well.. So my friend, no short cuts there.. All the best.

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