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Hello there ... I'm leaving to ireland in 9 days with my best friend, we're planning to spend all our nights in dublin and take so many day trips to the country side like wicklow, cliff of moher , Galway , new grange, cork ...etc etc Thanx to google ... my question is , other then day tour trips and pubbing at night in temple bar , is there anything fun to do ? we dont want to miss a thing out there and we want to make the best out of it in and outside dublin ! so I'm open for any suggestion coz you locals know more ! Thanx :)


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I wouldn't advice you to stay in Dublin all the time. If you would like to meet some locals and have more fun while travelling and even meet up with people for some of your trips check out .
Contact me for any advice: .
Ireland appears small, but commuting to the West for Daytrips will make your days very long.(60 percent of your time will be spent traveling.)
Come and stay here..You will be Welcome ;-)
I provide transport for small groups !
I always find a welcome in Ennis, Had bacon and cabbage in Brogans on Sunday listening to trad with a pint of Guinness to was it down. Little bit of Irish heaven
If you are planning spending every night in Temple Bar then I hope you have an understanding bank manager. If you have already booked your accommodation then you might be tied to the capital but you will find some of your planned trips are very long days. With 10days/9nights then I would suggest at least a couple in Galway which is as "happening" as Temple at less than half the cost. Galway is a good base for the Cliffs and Connamara you could possibly catch the end of Arts week in Clifden which starts tomorrow 16th for 10 days but the Oyster festival in Galway is the 22nd to 26th so accommodation in the centre could be fully booked for those dates. Cork can be reached fairly easily from Dublin and you could stop off at the Rock of Cashel the tour is free with the €6 entrance and is well worth a look despite the conservation work on site. Blarney Castle is just outside Cork and on route to Killarney if you feel like a tour of the Ring of Kerry. These places just scratch the surface and most can be done as day trips but it seems a shame to visit any county and spend all your time based solely in its capital.
Wow!! You're going to be busy and tired with all that travelling. It all depends on what you like to spend your time doing? Sights, History, Walking, Horse-Riding, Pubs, Clubs, ???
Newgrange and the Boyne Valley is a full day in itself but at least it's only a half hour drive/bus ride from Dublin. Are you hiring a car? If you can give me some more details on what your preferences are and if you have already booked accommodation in Dublin, I can advise what is "doable" in a day and time scales etc.
hi pleasure to get in touch wit you,dublin is pretty exspensive if you want to go see the rest of ireland you should go to galway first and work your way down the west coast of ireland galway clare limerick kerry cork and if you would like to see the east coast com e back up towards dublin going threw waterford wexford wicklow and kilkenny that would be the best to see the country side if your around limerick or cork give me a buzz and i can so you a traditional irish pub my no. 0834374624 finbar at your service
Ohhh thank you guys so much !
that is so helpful

actually im tied to dublin coz my travel agent booked my hotel there , i'm gonna be attending michael buble's concert on the 24th, so i should stay the first 3 days/nights in dublin
and No i wont be renting a car because im not used to drive on the left side , so i'm not going to risk it :)Thats why i prefered day tour trips with tour guides

So you think its better to spend 2 nights in galway and do cliff of moher and the rest from there ?
well, i'll try to cancel my 9 nights hotel booking in dublin and find a new one for a couple of days in Galway and i'll take some day trips from there my whole plan changed and im confused because i know you're right and i'm gonna be tired if we travel everyday
i'll c what i can do ....i hope its not too late

thank you again for your help, much appreciated !

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