im going the last two weeks of April 2011 to Beijing - Shanghai - Hong Kong by train. is it the the movement of domestic tourists...

...dificult by then? can i travel by train in those two weeks without dificulty? thanks


City: Beijing

Municipality: Beijing

Country: China



It should not be a problem until the very end of April. May 1st is a big holiday here and the days before that it can be a bit full on the trains. But you can book tickets in advance.
Have a nice trip.
Actually, in my opinion, you should book all of your tours and train tickts at a travel agency, because the train tickets are tense at that time. You may not believe that common people generally can't get the train tickets because there are so few left to us. The train tickets are the same price with the ones from train station. Since your gateway is Beijing, so here is my recommendation:

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