Blue Lagoon in Turkey?

I'm 14 and I will be with my parents on holiday there. I love studying stuff about fish. Will I be able to see a lot of fish there? If not, it's ok. Can you please tell me more about the place? Thank you very much!!!


Country: Turkey


If you want to see fishes (other than caught for meal) there is only one place to go, Istanbul naval museum at Besiktas seaside..
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Which city you and your family are going to visit ? If ıstanbul then, you can visit Istanbul naval museum at Beşiktas .
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The Mediterranean and Aegean coasts of Turkey - the "Turkish Riviera" - are most famous for Oludeniz Beach near Fethiye, more commonly known as the Blue Lagoon.

The extraordinarily beautiful mix of deep blue and bright green hues of the Blue Lagoon is the same reason that the whole of the Turkish seaside is sometimes known as the Turquoise Coast.

Another must-see for any summer traveler to Turkey is Patara Beach.

Located in Antalya, the Patara is one of the Mediterranean's longest beaches at 18 km. in length, and under protection by the Turkish government for nesting sea turtles!

Curvy, sweeping sand dunes, surrounded by ancient ruins - along with stiff coastal breezes for excellent wind surfing - takes Patara Beach to the top of lists of World's Best Beaches for both natural beauty and great value.

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