Does anybody know how much a gondola ride cost in Venice?


City: Venice

Region: Veneto

Country: Italy


Hi, there's no exact information about gondola's costs. For a general idea and tips, check on " that it will help you.

a gondola ride costs about 80 euro for a ride of 30-40 minutes. However, you might pay extra, for a night ride, or a ride with music, and so on. Be sure to have agreed the price BEFORE you go aboard. A gondola ride is something magical, that you should do at least once in your life, when you'll have agreed a price that you think is right for you: get on and enyoy your ride!!!

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Gondolas can cost up to €100 in the peak season. You can bargain for the price obviously and about €70 is about right. Obviously the more people that are on board, the cheaper it works out to be.
Prices vary depending on number of people, length and Time (Day/Evening), music on Board, you could even a glass of Prosecco. I would suggest to check with Hotel First and then directly at the embarcadero trying to haggle with the
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Nancy Aiello
Share a gondola with other travelers along the canals of Venice and be serenaded as your group of gondolas glide along the Grand Canal. Only a gondola ride can capture the magic of Venice!One of the gondoliers will play music and sing songs throughout the 35-minute ride. Great value for money!
* 35-minute shared gondola ride on the canals of Venice with serenade
* Glide down small canals and into the Grand Canal
* Be serenaded by your singing gondolier
* Choice of afternoon and early-evening gondola rides

The price is 58,00$
the base is around € 80.00 for a 40'/45'ride (I should say cruise!), but subject to bargain, to the season, to the day, to the number of people .... what is important is to agree the amount you have to pay, the duration of the tour, and a couple of spots you really do not want to miss BEFORE you board.
Honestly I wouldn't know to tell you precisely,but I think that could be at least 20 EUR.
Hi, better to take gondola not right in the center(100euro) if you go aside it costs 50-60 euro.
Dear friend,
I think that it cost 20 EUR.
Hi, i think minimum is around € 80.00 for 45 minutes, but you "must" to agree the price and the duration before you go....'cause the price can "change"!!!!
I think 20 EUR.

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