What's the temperature like for London summer in June? Is is cold at night? I prefer to stay in apartment rather than hotel and I...

...notice that most apartments don't have air conditioning. Thanks


City: London

Constituent state: England

Country: United Kingdom


Hi the temperature varies greatly !!! one day it could be 6 and the next 26 and although apartments may be more expensive there is still ne real requirement for air-con ......bring warm clothes !!! there is not a guarantee of warmer weather even in the summer months
Depends on what you understand by 'cold'. I live in Newcastle and it rarely falls under 20 degrees in the summer, London has similar weather since it is just 500km to the south (so it should be hotter). However, if you come from a southern country, do bring a lot of autumn clothes. Most British people wear nearly nothing when they go out (that is because of the drinking habits, but that's a different topic).

It shouldn't really matter if the appartment has air conditioning or not. If it has double-glazing and radiators, you should be OK - they can make it hotter than Sakharra!

That's a great decision, if you are 5 or 6 people you can sometimes make a great deal for a flat, but if you're alone it's better to go to a hotel, if money is important.

I hope you have a great time in London!

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