Where can I volunteer?

Hi there! I'm interested in volunteering in Rocinha or another favela. I'm working a lot, and am only available every second Saturday. I don't speak Portuguese very well, but I am taking lessons. I am very interested in community development and systemic change. Please contact me at


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


This is so nice of you to offer your skills and work for people who need so badly! Listen, I know some communities who will be crazy to get your help and participation. I have some connections here that I can introduce to you, my email is

If you have facebook, please add me at
Why don rafa does not just give you the names of the organizations, this just does not help you. Also he does not live in a favela.

There is no secret, I LIVE in Rocinha. And the favela is my home thaty I love and care about very much. I work with many non profits here and one I think that needs a lot of help is Creche de Tio Joao. The creche is 5 minutes walk from my house. Contact my friend Lilia as she can help you. Their website is:

If you have any problems, contact me as I am 100% involved in my favela.

No doubt a good name of volunteer work in Rio is Zezinho, he has the best connections there!!!

Here is one of the people I recommend as well!

Sorry for not mentioning before, I was just thinking about the people nearby my hood! :)
Maybe I can help yea! For when you want to visit, I can go into any of your choice?

wait ....
I would suggest you to visit some coomunities in Rocinha or Cantagalo, also in Cantagalo you can even find some hostels!
People are always looking for volunteers in Babilonia hill in Copacabana, you can ask anyone to take you to Associação dos Moradores!
We have very poor areas in Brazil, specially in the North East, like Piaui and Maranhao.
Hi, there are many, many places that need volunteers in Rio, although you will need to be able to commit a decent amount of time if you want to connect with the locals. Help with English teaching and other community projects is a possible way to get involved. There are some organisations, such as Iko Poran, that place volunteers with NGOs and also arrange accommodation etc. This can be a good, safe way for first time visitors to get to know Rio and get involved in some interesting projects, but you will need to pay for your placement.
I do know people who run projects in the favelas near Santa Teresa and are usually looking for volunteers, please private message me if you would like me to put you in touch with them.

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