Jean ,I have Old coins.Very Old Coin.Do U No where I can sell them for a Good Price in Dubai.


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


u can make Ad in website
u can sell them at the old souq located near the dhow wharfage in bur dubai
what kinda of coins? I might have someone...

Are they Emirate coins? If so you can sell them easily?

you can sell them at the old souq but u have to check some of coin not allowed to sell it in uae why ? becouse some of coin stolen for another counteries
you can sell your coin/s online at website... there are a bunch of coin collectors there who would be willing to buy your coin/s.
As a coin collector myself, I add my collection by checking website regularly. Depending on how 'old' is your coin or it value, you will sell it there.
What kind of coin you have ?

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