My name is Anna and I live in Sweden. I am very interested in volunteer as a teacher or in a orphanage in Rocinha, could you help me?


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


I have some contacts not only in Rocinha but in so many poor communities all over Rio, please contact me...

or add me at facebook,

Tell me when you are coming, I have some good friends in Sweden and I am sure you will be my next one :)

That's great, but there are a lot of places that need your help, not only Rocinha.

See this page and make a call to them :

Brazilian country code is 55, state code is 21, so use 55 21 before the phone number.


I live in Rocinha and work with many projects here in my favela.

ok the best project to help is this one:

email Lilia as she speaks english very well and can help you.

Hi Anna,
I live in Rio and may be able to help you as my cousin has set up this non profit charity to make differences step by step in Rio & recently Rocinha. Go to this site
Roçinha is probably the shanty-town in Rio which least needs your altruism. They are relatively well organized and have loads of philanthropic NGO's in activity (many cited by Localytes below).
I used to live in one shanty-town called Terreirão, am very well regarded there, and could present you to the 'leaders' there. They DO need your engagement, I'm sure.
I am Havelock "Jimmy" Campbell (Jag pratar Skandinaviska), and there's more of me in
Dear Anna,
Good morning.
There is an italian tour guide called Barbara Olivi who created and runs an orphanage in Rocinha.
You can get in touch with her via e-mail:
Sure, there are many places like that in Rio.
How can i help you?
There is a lot of activities at Chapeu da Mangueira in Leme! I think you should try to get some information there!
I have written about this issue in one of the topic, you can look for ASSOCIAÇÃO DOS MORADORES in Babilonia Hill close to Leme.
I told the same thing to someone who is interested to volunteer...we have so many poor zones in the north of the country where our favelas are PALACES comparing to the way people live in Piaui state and Maranhao as well.
Hi, as other people have noted, Rocinha is only one of many many favelas in Rio, and is less in need of volunteers than lots of other places. If you are looking for full time placements you might want to consider volunteering through an agency such as Iko Poran
I also have friends who run English, art and photography classes in the Pereira da Silva favela near Santa Teresa, and are usually looking for volunteers - private message me for contact details if you're interested!

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