I'm trying to get more information on the Elf School - do you know how to set up a half day training and hunt?


Country: Iceland


Dear Allison,

Best is to contact the Elf-school directly and ask them. For starters you can look at this website and try click all the links in the center section.

The person you need to speak to is Magnús Skarphéðinsson and can be contacted at the Elf-school at the number given here:

This Magnus Skarphéðinsson is a part Elf him self and pritty special guy :)
I know Magnus personaly and he knows many things like this.
You can contact him in buy E-mail or his telephone number 00 354 8944014
If you are interested in a walk around an elf-area then that is available in the town Hafnarfjordur.
is someone pulling our leg?
Yes but have you "connected" before? That is vital to succeed there :)

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