13 Hour Layover in Amsterdam

Hey, How are you? I have a 13 hour layover in Amsterdam next Monday, and I was wondering if you could assist me in finding my way around the place for a couple of hours. I am 20 years old, and am very much intrigued by Amsterdam's coffee house culture, museums, people, etc... Let me know what you think, Thanks, Miri


City: Amsterdam

Province: Noord-Holland

Country: Netherlands



My advice would be, to take the train from Schiphol airport to Amsterdam Central Station. If you walk through the exit of the station, you will see there is only one way leading to the centre.

You will soon be on the square in front of the Dam Palace, and from there on walk through the famous Kalverstraat in one straight line to the fancy streets on the canals, like Keizersgracht and Heerengracht.

If you reached the Prinsengracht, after 1,5 to 2 hours, you can visit the Anne Frank House. On your way you will have walked past numerous coffee shops, interesting people, and buildings, which you can spot again on your walk back.

This will keep you entertained for 5 hours. If you definitely want a guide and no one else will be available by then, let me know...
Welcome soon to Amsterdamned where only the qik, thrifty and demanding tries their best!!! With that said, a gatecrash within 13 hours to be get "laid" over is simply Walk, walk & more WALK within the inner circle of the core centre and thats starting at 16:00 pubbing and meeting folks as the 1st round of making friends till the braek of dawn before your next flight oput.

This will guarantee you lots of new friends for yr next visit (hopefully MUCH longer) and being hosted under Dutch hospitality for sure!!!

Forget the cab, train or bicycle rides, too much hassle ...2B honest.

Enjoy the 11th hour tour... B4 hopping on yr after-13th hour flight out... Bon voyage and come back here letting us know how Holland hosted you in those thin hours of touring!!!
Cheersch mate... ;)
Well you can always visit tourist information. But as said take the train to Amsterdam CS then just walk follow the flow of people. If you want a guide let me know for your next trip to Holland. Cheers

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