hi, do you have some people in your resident coutnry connected with men`s basketball? I am a player without agent. I hope for some try-outs.

hachu igratj basketbol, znaju u vas tam batjka bolje v sevo ljubit hokkej, tak kak mi, no basketball tozhe u vas jestj. jestj komu kakoi ta znakomij trenjer ljuboj muzhskij bsketbolnij komandi? komu ja magu pakazatj sibje? :) budu shastliv , patreneravatsa! :) spasiba


Country: Belarus


I don't have friends or persons, who is connected with belarussian Basketball. As you speak Russian, you can check this websites and get in touch with coaches or agents:

Good luck,
sorry, i do not have such aquaintance
Sorry. I am afraid that I won't be able to help you on this now. I knew the person who sponsored our local team, but he is not involved with them anymore.

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