I wil be in bejing for a week staying at the kopok hotek, in doughuamen street , dongcheng beijing , I am looking for good place that...

...give facial i Need to do a sking whiting thanks gail


City: Beijing

Municipality: Beijing

Country: China


i think you looking for good place look around ,bargin with local vendor,and in evening music bar, living show.......i am local tour guide, provide airport pick up service. email:
cellphone : 008613621042428 Tony
Dear, thanks for your message. I am roy, I graduated from International language university, my English and spanish is very good. I can help you a lot in beijing, for more please contact with me by MSN: , or email me at

best regards,
threre are many places for facial where can be found easily, and if u wanna do ski,this is not the right season..pls come for it in Winter.Hope u will enjoy there.
For Facial, I know a local place, where I ge body massage and facial, near silk market,
the price from 60rmb to 120rmb, for one hour. Wish you can find out, they can't speak English. But service is very good. 65005688.
I've heard good things about Dragonfly. They have several locations in town but are a bit expensive.

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