What’s the cheapest way to get from Baguio to Vigan and what Bus Company and what is the last trip schedule. thanks

Hi im going to Baguio next week and i want to visit Vigan after. How can i get there and what Bus and what time is the last trip? hope you can help me. This is my first time to travel alone and this in first visit in the Philippines. thank you so much!


City: Baguio City

Charted city: Baguio

Country: Philippines


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From Manila to Baguio, I suggest you take Victory Liner which has a terminal in Pasay and Cubao.
For schedules please log on to their site >>

From Baguio to Vigan - Partas Bus Liner is one of the most reliable bus companies. It is air-conditioned and costs about Php400 one way. There are snack vendors getting on and off the bus during the 5 hour trip but there will be no real stops, so you should hit the washroom before you leave.
The contact of PARTAS BUS COMPANY -
Aurora Blvd. cor Bernardino St., Quezon City - Telephone (632) 7257251740/7251256 -

Please call them while in Manila for bus schedules as they don't have an internet site yet.

Other choices are - Viron, Dominion, Maria de Leon and Fariñas buses.

Enjoy your stay in Vigan which is one of the World Heritage Sites. While there I suggest you stay in Cordillera Inn. Please check their site >> for availability and prices.

Have a nice vacation!
hi, Partas takes you to Vigan .. they have trips daily .. and suggest you to check in at Aniceto Mansion. it is located at the very center of town, infront of plaza, beside Cathedral church, and along the cobblestone st or the heritage st.. the hotel is one of the old houses converted into hotel and tourist inn,,, nice and safe area.. have a happy stay in Vigan, meanwhile you may also contact me here, 09157832340, i live here.. , the staff in that hotel know me too.. mimi
Try Victory lines for cost of trip
Try Victory lines for cost of trip
good answers already. Partas is the best choice from Baguio to Vigan or even directly from Manila. also buy something to eat on your bus trip and a small bottle of mineral water but don't drink it all at once cos it could take awhile to get to a restroom. don't forget to bring a hooded jacket on board cos those buses are sometimes too cold! LOL wear jeans, tees and rubbershoes and try to travel light. bon voyage!
the cheapest way to Vigan from baguio is by Bus, the bus terminal that i can reccomend is Partas bus Company. First trip to vigan is 4am The terminal is located in Gov.pak road in baguio city.

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