you know about dayara Bugyal Trek in Garhwal Himalayas


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


No, I do not!
But do YOU know about "Jimmy" in Rio de Janeiro?

Jim Campbell
i don't now about Jimmy, because we offers india trekking information

Thank you
Dear one, you posted in a wrong country. You should try any forum about India...We have our mountains here in South America, the Andes Mountains.
Also, there are a lot of curiosity about India in Brazil.
I do appreciate your intentions here and I am sorry that some people treated you badly, we brazilians love foreigners and it will be a pleasure to have you in Rio de Janeiro someday.
Besides, India is soooo beautiful and so diverse, we have to learn more about your people.
We do respect your culture and we wish you to come to Brazil.
You have beautiful places like KERALA, Jaipur, Madras and Goa, lots of portuguese influence there!

Thank you,
Thank you
Since we had a soap opera called CAMINHO DAS INDIAS, go to youtube and you will see...India became a very popular destination for Brazilians.
So you are more than welcome to write in our brazilian sections, but try to make questions about Brazil, we are prepared to help you in Rio de Janeiro.
We have lots of indian guests who come to Rio de Janeiro for visiting! YOU ARE ALL VERY WELCOME TO BRAZIL!
Trekking in India must be awesome! :)
Are you guys specialized in ecotours!?
I would love to go to India one day, it is really very strong in my list!
Your Most Welcome to india!
Yes we are offers ecotours in india, please any information about india feel free to wright me

Thank you
We really should learn more about India!
I wish we could have more travellers from India in Brazil. Your country is very famous here! We had a soap opera with the characters in India!
I know that a lot of people in Japan go to India, it is another famous destination for japonese people.
I personally would love to visit your country, and I do love activities in the wild! Central India must be very interesting, specially a region called GIR.
But the tickets to India is very expensive, it is very difficult for us to travel to India.
Yes your right lots of People Travel to Brazil
Dear Cristune you most Welcome to India & i Hope you like Incredible india

Contact for for cheap air Tickets

for any information about india adventure, culture and pilgrimage feel free to wright me please

Thank you
India is very cool.
India is a big friend of Brazil and I am sure Maldives has some importance for India as well

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