How can I get from Trevis air port to the hotel Nuova Locanda Belvedere (Via Mezzacapo1, 30175 Venice, Italy)?


City: Venice

Region: Veneto

Country: Italy


Dude you're lost in space.

Definition of space:

Venice is HUGE, there is the ISLAND, than the ISLANDS (minor islands) and LIDO, than on the shore there is MESTRE, MIRA and MARGHERA.

And all this have the same mayor.
Ok It's not NY, but is big enough to get lost.

Your Hotel seems to be in MARGHERA, on the shore, not on the islands. 600 feet (200 meters/yards) BEHIND the Venice MESTRE train stations (oh ya, Venice has more than one train station, and Mestre is the biggest of them as traffic.)

From Treviso airport you might want to ask the BUS desk receptionist (as you get out of the customs area to the right) if the VENICE BUSSES (several lines that take you straight to the islands departing from the airport parking) can also drop you near your hotel, or at least at the MESTRE train station.

If yay, than you're done, if nay (well... whichever meanso NO!) you take the GREEN bus line on the main street in front of the airport (I think number 6 of the ACTT line, see here: ) to the Treviso train station.

Almost every 30 minutes is a train that goes to MESTRE untill midnight.

Take one, get off at MESTRE (3 or 4 stops away, except Eurocity, one stop away) and get BEHIND the Mestre train station through the tunnel towards MARGHERA.


Go to Google maps, place in the search line the street and city, make a good enough zoom to see the train tracs in the top of your screen, and the google indication for your street in the bottom.

Print screen.

Don't loose that print.

I'tll turn usefull to you for the last mile (actually 600 feet)

Have fun.


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