i am interested on sight seeing tours at seattle, wa


City: Seattle

State: Washington

Country: United States


There is a number of cool sightseeing tours in Seattle- it depends on what you are interested in.

If you are new to the city, Ride The Ducks is a fun way to get acquainted with the downtown area. The tour is on this "ducks" which are water/land vehicles so they drive you around the city then right into Lake Washington for a boat tour. Its a little expensive though...

I also enjoyed The Underground Tour in Pioneer Square. That tour give you a little history of the founding of the city and takes you underground to see whats left of the original Seattle. (The current city of Seattle was bult on top.)

There is also a fun, but much more expensive tour of Pike's Place featured food. I didn't do it, but for foodies, its probably worth it.


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