Two questions --- 1. How to arrange a 1-day tour to Taroko Gorge from Taipei with round trip train booking? Most travel agents fly to...

...Hualein and return by train. Want to save money and hassle of flying. 2. Any good hotel deals in Taipei? Currently, we have booked a room at Fortune Hyatt at $100/day for 5 nights. Comparable accomodations and transport convenience required.


City: Taipei

Special municipality: T'ai-pei

Country: Taiwan


You can book train tickets on "" and find out the prices. I sugguest you can stay in Hualien 2 days and enjoy the views there :)
There's a hotel call "Park Taipei Hotel", "No.317, Sec. 1, Fu-Xing S. Rd.,, Taipei, 106", close to the MRT Da-An station, the location is really good and the hotel is really new as well. I checked the price for you through and it indicates it's only USD100/per night.
Re:one day round trip by train toTarko Gorge。
You can adopt either (East railway road)in one way price by TZE-CHIANG limited express/NT$441/adult fromTaipei main station takes 3 hrs approx or in CHU-KUANG express/NT$340/Adult takes 4 hrs to Hualein station。
Then,you can take free Taiwan trip bus in Hualein station service center,back and forth 6:50am-6:30pm and Tiansiang terrace as terminal。Scenic Spots as
Cingshui Cliff
Yanzikou (Swallow Grotto)
Shakadang Trail
The Chongde Trail
Taroko terrace
Changchun (Eternal Spring) Shrine
Tiansiang terrace
The Jiuqudong tunnel

Have a nice trip!

RE:Fortune Hyatt at $100/day for 5 nights. Comparable accomodations and transport convenience required.
This Hotel now as four star hotel nearby Taipei main station,It's ok and price Ok>

If you want more better that is The Howard Plaza Hotel,but it's pricy!

Charles c f chang
The answer given by Helen Li is the best one offered. Book your train tickets through the website she gives, staying in Hualien two days is highly recommended, giving yourself ample time to explore the gorge and the beautiful coast off of Hualien. I'm addicted to kitesurfing, so any chance to spend time at a beautiful coastline is not to be wasted. Unless you want to stay in a hostel, you should expect to pay at least NT$3000 a night in Taipei.
Why not try to ask YMCA or YWCA in taipei? My friend just booked one nite on around NT.300/per nite. Also,check out the timetable of train,there're express train going between Tpe and Hualien. Then when you get to Hualien train station,there're many scooter shops for you to rent a scooter to go any where in Hualien,Taroko Gorge,even Taidong for a quick hot spring. Good luck and have fun! ;-)
taidong from hualien is way too far, especially for a day trip

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