we went out of Rio to a cathedral/church some 1/2 hour away. While there the guide heard of our interest in Ceramics and knew of a...

...wonderful ceramic shop that he took us to. Anyone know where that was? think it began with ... Ita ...can't remember


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


There is an excellent place in Barra, that's about 45 min drive from the cathedral in the center of town.Maybe it is Itanhangá(the name of the road, maybe??) I remember I took some tourists there but it was over 5 years ago. Does it soun dfamiliar to you??
I'm contemplating Itanhangá (still in Rio), Itaguai or Itacuruçá (along the ocean), Itaipava (in the hills) ...
The REAL ceramic arts center in the region between Rio and São Paulo is a small town called Cunha (300km from R.J. / 250km from S.P.), where I own a neat little cottage.

Jim Campbell
Well, you should forget this names...and if you have time, take the road and go to Minas Gerais, go to Tiradentes, amazing ceramics and all about local art in Brazil.
If you go to Buzios, in the way to the beach, you can stop in ITABORAI or Tingua...right in the road you will find many stands.
Maybe you should look for ceramics in Santa Tereza if you are in town, in the way to Buzios a little bit distant from Rio you can stop anywhere in Itaborai and you will see stores on the road selling ceramics, all kkind and beautiful stuff!
I would find easier places where you can buy ceramics...there are loads of them in Santa Tereza.
As our friends say...I would go off road to Itaborai heading north or Itaguai heading south where there are lots of stores where you can find the ceramics!
I do not know exactly where you can find ceramics in Rio, maybe Santa Tereza, but the prices are not so friendly!
I woudl suggest you to go to Itaborai, lots of ceramics there!
So many different options now in Ipanema close to Osorio Square!
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