How far is the Sofia Airport from the train station?

heading towards Levski and I need to know how far the train station is from the airport.. Is it walking distance? Need a bus? Taxi?


City: Sofia

Province: Pernik

Country: Bulgaria


i thinkthat there is a bus but i can not tell you the exact number
Take at taxi, it taxes 15 minutes. The taxi drivers will try to rip you off for sure, the price should not above 20 leva. The taxi drivers er ok, it is safe, they will only try the classic rip off like most places in the world.
Taxi should be fine. I think even less than 10 leva. Just be sure to check the price at the windshield before taking the cab - it should not have anything higher than 0,70 leva on it.
In airport you should to catch bus number 84 but this bus you should to change in station Hotel Pliska with other bus number 213,214,305,313 or 404. Dictance between Airport and Rail Station with taxi will cost you more than 15lv but be careful and take only OK Supertrance taxi.
Always ask the price for the taxi before you set off. If it is more that 20 Leva go to the next taxi. They will try to ask for 20 Euros maybe, which is double price... so always pay in local currency.
Bus is also a good option, but give yourself plenty of time. Buses go from the train station to the airport.
Always ask the price for the taxi before you set off. If it is more that 20 Leva go to the next taxi. They will try to ask for 20 Euros maybe, which is double price... so always pay in local currency.
Bus is also a good option, but give yourself plenty of time. Buses go from the train station to the airport.
About 10 km. Better take a taxi, and pick "OK" taxis- they cheat less than the others. Should not cost more than 10-15 leva, but it will depend on the traffic.
no direct bus, i think.
and it also depends on what time you land...
but taxi is a good way - OK supertrance are the company that service the airport. the rate would be around 15 lv and it should take around 20 minites. unless you land in rush hour - then, you could never know how much time it would get... and the rate might rise if you wait in traffic jams.
good luck!
It really is best to take a taxi. When you arrive at the airport go to the OK taxi desk in the arrivals hall to book your taxi - that way you will be sure you are travelling with a legit taxi. Do not take one that is loitering around outside - they charge incredible rates (up to 7 BGN per km) which legally they are entitled to as long as they display their rate.
Allow at least 1/2 hour for the taxi journey ( allowing for daytime congestion)
A short taxi ride that should not cost more than 10 Leva, make sure you only use 'OK Supertrans' taxis, identifiable by the 'OK' logo accompanied with a large red dot.......other companies, who will rip you off, have OK in their names but only 'OK Supertrans' have the red dot....have a great trip..
It is walking distance if you like to walk.
You need to get a taxi. You could reach the train station in about 15minutes to half an hour or even more if you travel in the rush hour. To get a legal taxi, just go in front of the main entrances of the airport and take a taxi from the place where there is a sign for taxi cars. Do not go to the parkings or any other area which is not defined as a taxi area. Do not accept offers from people who introduse themselves as taxi drivers and want to bring your luggage to the taxi car which is somewhere far from the place for taxi cars. If you dont speak bulgarian, you could prepare in advance a NOTE with this text : ЦЕНТРАЛНА ГАРА. This means Central Train Station, and its for the taxi drivers who dont speak english.
Do not trust people here who wants to make something for you for less money than usual, this is usualy fraud.

And have fun!
This is the site of OK taxis, says everything you need to know - both direction Airport to Train station and opposite.

If you want to pick a taxi from the train station to the airport, better go to the Central bus station - 300m away from the train station, and order it there.

Make sure you don't pick a taxi imitating the logo of the OK company to very small details, e.g.the difference could be only one digit in the telephone number, like 9 5 32121 instead of 9732121.

You already got information about buses from another Localyte member (you should change at least 2 buses). You should validate your ticket immediately after getting on the bus.
It depends on what you like :) If i were you i would go walking. Should take you aprox. 40 mins but you`ll have to ask for the way. I do not recomend you buses - they are slow and full (almost always). And as the other said taxi will try to rip you. The best ways i think is walking or taxies. Its up to you ;)
you need to get bus and after that another one... you can ask on the information desk on the airport witch bus you have to get... with taxi it's gonna be expensive...
it is ab 10km and u can choose between taxi and bus 84, take it and change as the answer was given above. one thing u need to know about the buses - u need new ticket every time u change a vehicle and u need a ticket for your bag if it is bigger than a backpack - so probably the best way is to take taxi and do ask in advance approximately how much it would be - no more than 15leva.
The airport is 13km away from the central train station. You should also pay attention on which terminal does your plain lands. If you are on Terminal 1 you can take bus 84, if you are on T2 - 284. As mentioned below Hotel Pliska is a convenient place to change to something else or you can get off at the last station, which is in the center, then it is possible to reach the station on foot. You can buy Bus tickets at the bus station on T1 or from any Bus driver, however you need to have local currency, 1 ticket costs 1 lev, or if you plan multiple travels you can buy 10 tickets for 7.50 BGN, although once you are in the centre almost everything is within walking distance.
Hello! First the airoport Sofia is located so far away from train station! So your choice is only taxi! When you arrived in Sofia call to taxi`s company- the number is 0035929732121 or 00359291280!The company will ask you where are you, where you going and will sent you massage with the number of your car! The prices are between 20-50 lv.
Wait to come your car, please, because in front of the airoport has a lots of not legal taxis!
Good luck!
The No 84 Bus line covers the route to Sofia Airport - from Sofia University & Vice versa.
Bus stop drops you off at the Arrival Hall of Terminal 1. Bus services are available from 05.00 a.m. - to 11.00 p.m, all year round.The price of a ticket is 1 BGN about 40 pence. you may have to buy a ticket for your luggage if it exceeds guidelines.

Info at

Sofia Аirport has contracts with OK & Taxi S Express
OK Taxis from the centre of Sofia to the Airport should cost no more than 10-15 LEVA.
Hello Hope,

you may try to check the route. As everyone else said getting a taxi would be the most fastest way.
Welcome to Bulgaria and enjoy your stay!
Take a taxi, check the fare with the driver first and make out you do this often, you are not a stranger to Bulgarian taxis. Fare shouldn't be more than 13-15 Leva inc.tip. Depending which Levski you are going to (I can find three in Bulgaria) you may find a bus going there, usually more reliable and cleaner than the train. Still need taxi to bus station though, same fare.
It is 8.82 km by car from the airport to the Central railway station. You need a bus (but you can't get there just with one bus, switch buses at the hotel Pliska station) or a taxi. Be cautious - taxi drivers might be crooks.
Sofia airport is not far at all from the city. Bus No 284 will take you from the airport - terminal 2 to Levski blvd for 20 min. The bus station is called "Ministry of Sport" and it is exactly in the centre of the city, very close to Sofia University.
The train station is also some 20 minutes from centre by many different public transport (train No 1 or 7 from Sheraton Hotel - (Sveta Nedelya square). Sheraton is a walking distance from Ministry of Sport or Sofia University.
All depends on how bussy is the traffic.
No, there is not a direct bus from/to Sofia airport and the train station. If you take a taxi from the airport to the trin station mind what taxi you get. Best is to book inside the airport hall on desk and not hire a taxi outside because many are not correct. It should cost you maximum 12-13 Leava (6.5 Euro). The same is valid if you go from train station to the airport.
There is another one possibility. You can try with something like Minibus (Shuttle) we call it here "Marshrutka", this is the cheapest and the fastest way. Depends on that what time you arrived. If it's in the night they can drive you to the train station for 15 min. And the other positive thing is the PRICE, it's only 1.50 lv (0.75euro) :). Just ask someone for help. The people are friendly and they'll tell you which number you need.
But my question is why do you need to get to the train station? Have you ever seen Bulgarian train?
if you are landing at Terminal 1, take bus 85 and ask the driver or someone of the travellers to show you Pliska station - named on a big blue hotel in the vicinity of. The bus which stops on Terminal 2 is 285, and has the same route. From pliska at the same direction, take bus number 213, 213 or 305. Their last station is the Central Railway and Bus Station - both are situated next each to other. In bulgarian Pliska station is "Плиска" and The Central Railway Station - "Централна Гара", so to find them on the schedules at the bus stops. Wish You Luck!
or it was 84 and 284 I doubt, anyway both are the onliest buses from the Airport.
Take at taxi
The easiest way is to get a taxi, it really should cost less than 8 EUR (or 15-16 levs). Be careful not to take one of the fake taxis that circle in front ot the airport! There is a piazza for the regular taxi services ( you should go right right after you exit the customs area, ask the bulgarian passangers who arrive with you if you have to, do not follow people who offer you taxi services). There is a bus, but you have to change line, buy tickets and be very careful not to miss the stops, if you are not familiar with the town and alone it might be annoying. And you can not walk to the train station. :)
Take a taxi (9732121 OK supertrans) or use the public transport (busses 84 to Pliska station and then 213, 313 or 305 to the train station), but i don't recommend you to walk - it's a great distance. If yu're in a hurry, please have in mind that the traffic jam in Sofia is really awful during all day. Have a nice trip :)
hi...its not so far but you have to catch a small bus named"marsrutka'...:)they stopped near the airport
It depends.....if you take a taxi, first all check the license number and the tariff plan, if the price is accessible (aprox. 1 lv./km = 0.5 euro/km) take it. The distance from Sofia Airport to the Main Train Station is 10 km.
If you chose traveling by's quite hard and I think is too complicate it. The bus fare is 1 lv.
You need a taxi.
As i readed below some of answers already told You if you take a taxi be aware of the license and the fee for 1km it must be around 0.69 BGN (leva) wich is aprox.0.35 EUR/per km The distance to the station is more than 10km. What You mean when You said "Levski" (probably football team) Than see wich stadium there play on "Gerena" or national stadium "Levski" . Bus number to the centre of the town is 84.
No,it is not walking distance you have to take a bus or taxi,with taxi it is about 15 minutes and it cost nearly 10 leva-5-6 Euro.There is a bus going from busstation to the airport but I'm not sure about the schedule.
The best decision is to take a taxi, but as somebody before me said - just go to the OK taxi desk at the airport and order a car there.It will cost about 20lv., and it will take about 30 - 40 min, depending on the traffic.
1. You can take bus Nr 184 from the airport to the University St Kliment Ohridski (aprox 0,50 EUR) and than take a taxi to the busstation (aprox 2 EUR)
2. OK Supertrans Taxi from the airport to the busstation will be aprox 6 EUR
With the Taxi 20 leva and 15 minutes.

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