i`m coming to malta where i can find a good place fir hikes


City: Mellieha

(none): [None]

Country: Malta


Hello Antionette

There are many places where to go hiking in Malta and also in our sister island of Gozo and also Comino.

The best places i belive are either close to the cliffs around Zurrieq, Lapsi, Dingli, Rabat, and Mellieha, (all these in Malta) or else in the valleys of for example Wied Il Kbir, Wied Qirda, Wied Hanzir, which are in the centre of Malta. there is also chadwick lakes which is interesting,

best is you get a good map, preferebly an ordinace survey sheet map - avalible from Works Department in Floriana or one from MEPA againin Floriana, these giove u contours, and you follow the footpaths marked on the map, follow the blue lines indicating water courses (in winter)

the north of malta is rich in walks, you could walk from St Paul's Bay to Marfa following the sea.

i hope you coming towards he end of september or later as currently its still too hot for a long walk/trek. right now u have fun if u wake up early and go and see sunrise and by 11.oo am you are done - preferebly swiming, or else you start 16.00hrs ....

hope this helps, for more info, do not hesitate to conatct me -
Hi Antoinette,

if you're really into hiking you can do a very good walk along the cliffs on the north western coast of Malta from Zurrieq all the way to Ghajn Tuffieha. Most probably if you take the rough parts you won't be able to do it in one day so best is to split it into three parts or else camp during the night. You can also trek Gozo which is beautiful especialy in winter. You may choose to walk along the coast. You can actually do it! You could also try a good walk from Xwejni along the cliffs through Ghasri towards Gharb. And another route in Malta is walking along the hiostorical Victoria Lines from Gharghur to Dwejra. Get hold of a very good map and try to discover the island not take the normal routes given by the agents.

Bon Voyage
Hello there,
I am not much of a Hiker, but I know the cliffs of Malta and areas surrounding Malta(northern part) are very popular with Hikers. Also the entire island of Comino is very good for hiking, although rugged. it is the third and smallest island located between Malta & Gozo. (if you go to CIRKEWWA, you can get a small ferry boat to comino). This port is where you also need to go to get to Malta's sister island, Gozo. It's beautiful and MUCH more peaceful than Malta. Valleys and hilltops basically comprise this Island. The Ramla Valley is nice and will lead you straight to one of the countires most celebrated beaches complete with red sand!
Hello Antoinette,

In Malta there are many places where to hike, You can begin from the cliffs sorrounding Malta which begin from Zurrieq & Lapsi (southern Part of Malta)and thean there are Dingli and Mellieha (Northern part) and than if you want to go in green areas there are such places such as Buskett, Chadwick Lake and kennedy Grove.

Hoep this would be of any help :)

Hope you have a good stay in our Island
Hi Antoinette,

First of all in my opinion Malta offers a lot when it comes to hiking. But then it depends what type of hiking you are referring to.

Hiking in Malta may range from just simple walking or else the more adventurous type involving some type of simple climbing etc. I would always suggest the west coast of Malta for any hike since there is much less habitat and traffic. The North West coast is perhaps the nicest area for hiking starting from Mgarr and going anticlockwise up to Mellieha. This will involve a couple of hours and if you decide to stick to the shore it will involve a certain degree of climbing over rocks. It might be more of a hassle but totally rewarded in my opinion. Else for the more relaxed hike by the sea I would suggest starting further south from Zurrieq and go all
the way past Dingli Cliffs.

You might also try hiking in Gozo. In my opinion it is nicer and with less traffic and still rewards you with outstanding views. Sticking to the south and west coasts of Gozo may offer the nicest views. The east coast will provide you more with more secluded inlets and small bays where you can enjoy a quick dip. Also, you will find the Ramla Bay on the east coast.

I would not suggets hiking in Comino. In my opinion you will get much more when hiking in Malta or Gozo. Comino is very barren and quite flat so unless you do not want to combine the hike with swimming specifically in the Blue Lagoon I would stick to Malta or Gozo.
Hi antoinette...there are plenty of hiking trails around Malta I would suggest the rural areas such as Bahrija, Mtahleb and Dingli. Or you could hike around Mellieha, specifically l-ahrax tal Mellieha - there is also a campsite there and is almost entirely uninhabited. If you have enough time I would suggest hiking around Gozo, since it has much more green areas than Malta has, anywhere in Gozo is going for hiking really, you may try to visit San Blaas bay too it's simply wonderful & untouched. Right now September/October is the best time to visit Comino, you may visit the main bays and hike around in between! You can catch a ferry to Comino from Cirkewwa they leave every hour and so and are relatively cheap. If you're interested I'm working on a website on beaches in Malta's archipelego you can find more information on Malta there Hope my comment has been useful and I wish you a wonderful stay! :)
there is a very nice area for hiking in the north of malta....start from next to the Golden Sands Radisson hotel in Golden Bay and walk all the way to what is called Popeye's's absolutely beautfiul!!!!
Everyone here has already given you plenty of advice about where to go hiking in Malta/Gozo. Another thing to consider is a pair of good walking boots and something to carry plenty of water with you. I use a Camelback with an insulated water bladder and an insulated drinking tube. Mine will hold 3 litres of water and it keeps it cool all day if you add lots of ice (even in the Arizona desert!!). Make sure you have a mobile phone with you too as there are not many houses/phones around in the more scenic places. If I were planning a hiking holiday in Malta I would choose May/June time as all the wild flowers are in bloom then. Incidentally, Malta is blessed with an absence of poisonous snakes or other creepy-crawlies. There are plenty of snakes and lizards but they are harmless. Have a great holiday.
I must also advice you that hiking trails are not marked in any way. Most foot paths are made by local fisherman, Hunters or bird trappers so actual planning was not to walk around a certain promontory but to reach a particular spot. Some of these do not connect to each other.
I strongly believe that the country should begin a campaign to improve these footpaths,number them and label them appropriately. So anyone who can put pressure to get funds to improve these paths please do so.
I had started charting the footpaths on the north west cost of the Island that is a marvellous place. The island is Ideal for hiking between November and April. I do not suggest hiking in Malta in the remaining part of the year as it is very hot.
Probably the best hikes would be in Gozo... that is the sister island of Malta, just 20minutes away by ferry; It much greener and much more rural. Be aware though, there aren't much signs/tracks, on both islands... although it's relatively safe everywhere day and night. Make sure you take enough water with you while trekking as it can get pretty hot, moreover, you wont find much natural streams around here... only beautiful beaches and sea water :P !!

Check out these trusted sites:

Hi Antoinette,
When I go hiking I love to go to Selmun (limits of Mellieha), there you can merge together the idea of countryside and the sea because if you keep walking downhill you will end facing the sea. the views are spectacular (especially the panorama of St Paul's Islands). when i go there I always end my hike with a fenkata - a typical Maltese rabbit feast - on your way out of Selmun there is a quaint restaurant which serves Maltese food. A nice ending to a calorie burning day!
hope you enjoy hiking in Malta!
First of all congratulations for choosing Malta for hiking! It's the place to be for such fun. On your arrival at the Airport go to the Tourist Office situated on the left hand side and get hold of a map. Malta has so much to offer. Depending on your tastes you can choose to walk alongside the sea, through country paths or within villages. Personally I enjoy all three of them.
Northern Part: a) For a 5hour walk, you may choose to go along the 'tail' of Malta known as Marfa ridge starting from L-Ahrax with very spectacular views. This includes historical sites + beaches + view of Gozo. b) In Selmun going way down behind the Palace there is a very nice walk leading to Santa Maria Bay + Mistra Bay. This includes some inclines on clay areas. Western Part: a) Bahrija going down to Mtahleb and uphill again. This includes rough terrain + inclines but very nice view of the cliffs. b)Dingli Cliffs are also famous for walks passing near Magdalena Chapel and you can keep going to Buskett Gardens where you can take a look at the Clapham Junction (Cart Ruts + Cave). Southern Part: a) From Ghar Lapsi, walking past the Blue Creek Restaurant to Zurrieq along the cliff, with Filfla (a small uninhabited island) on your right. After this walk you can visit Mnajdra and Hagar Qim Temples. b) From Marsaxlokk you can walk to Birzebbugia along the coast to Ghar Hasan and keep on walking to Wied Znuber. c) From Marsaxlokk to Peter’s Pool (Delimara) and St.Thomas Bay in Marsascala. Some walks may be circular or else you can stop and catch the bus if you get tired. No matter where you are staying, all starting points can be reached by bus !
As some persons suggested take plenty of water with you, a cap, a good walking shoes and don’t forget your camera because surely you will fall in love with this island and want to keep it in your memories. You can visit my website for further tips.

Enjoy your stay in this beautiful island!!
Hi Antoinette,

If you send me an email on I will be able to send you details on excellent country walks around Malta. I am a licensed tourist guide and am part of a group that organises such country walks, focusing on the flora and fauna of the island, providing the correct information.

I also organise ghost walks, and other fun night tours in Valletta, Mdina and Birgu.

Let me know if you are interested in the above info.

Kind regards and wish you a nice stay in Malta....

Your Malta Guide
As an Island of Malta's size, you can just walk urself through various localities around the coast, nd u'll be amazed how a hike in Malta will take you through its landscape, sometimes overlooking the sea on both sides, really pleasant walk - hike,. Have fun....can just start it from ur hotel or lodgging place. Enjoy.
Malta: Country walks
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There are a number of attractive walks in Malta – below you will find listed a number of relatively easy and interesting walks. The season for walks is autumn to spring – the weather won`t be so hot and the country side turns green and wild flowers will be blossoming.

You can explore the hidden and secluded areas around the island. You will discover stunning views and hidden valleys. You will come across wayside chapels and old forts. You will find villages that have remained practically untouched where old men and women still work the fields and small flocks of sheep and goats crossing the village streets or grazing in the fields. You will historic and archaeological sites and breathtaking views. What many people do is go to a village, go to the Church Square - have a look in the Church as they always worth visiting - then set off on foot out of the village and just follow some narrow lane used by farmers.

Just leave the busy resorts and towns behind for a few hours.

If you go to the Tourist Office they have detailed leaflets of a number of walks. These include Girgenti - Bahrija - Dwejra - Marfa - Tas-Silg

Check out .... They have a number of organized walks with detailed leaflets.

Another good site is - - the personal account of an English couple of their six walks which took in Marsaxlokk to Cirkewwa.

- a list of walks carried out by the club and details of their next walk – you could join in, everyone is welcome
There are several nature events organised as from this Sunday 19th - download the programme here:
At II-majjistral Nature and History park () I will be leading a group for a nature walk followed by some Tai Chi on Tuesday 21st November bookings on

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