is there any surf in Galicia?

hello spaniards.. ill be in Galica, A Coruna on September, and was thinking on taking my surfboard.. is it worth it?


Country: Spain


there are huge wawes in galicia can even be very dangerous , si if thats is what you need yes take it surtainly, but the sea can be very roghf

In Galicia you have lots of options. Whether you want to do it on your own or with some of the schools.
In the south near Vigo you got PATO´S BEACH one of the very first surf spots in Galicia, now is kind of crowded but a good place to get started meeting some locals who can drive you to secret spots. Waves up to 2 meters mostly lefthanders.
Another place in the south of Galicia is A LANZADA, also very well known, big beach looking on you will be able to see how forecast is doing and what kind of waves you will find.
Someother places in the south CABO HOME (only locals), PRAIA DO VILAR-RIBEIRA, CASTRO DE BAROÑA-PORTO DO SON.
Heading to the Norht you can go to FISTERRA-PRAIA DO ROSTRO very dangerous do not go alone or if you visit in september you got a PRO´S TOUR in VALDOVIÑO, or DONIÑOS in Ferrol.
Visit this link:

it is a magazine and blog where you will find SURFING schools, where to go, events, new spots, forecast, shops if needed. You can ask them, tell them PEDRO XACARANDAINA told you about them and you will be very well wellcome.
If got any further questions feel free to ask as.
We can help you preparing your trip to Galicia; ACCOMODATION, TRANSFERS and whatever you need.
Have a nice time i am sure you will enjoy.

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