Hola! Would like to try on Cuenca for size. as I have been living in Uruguay for 2 years. and I do not like the cold weather.

I an a single female who retired early from the states, and now have residency in UY, I plan on visiting Ecuador between November and January. for possibly one month. so I can visit some of the nearby cities and get a good idea of what my life would be like compared to here in UY. Will need to rent a room or small apt in a safe area, and connect with people quickly. My funds are limited, but I speak English and Spanish and would probably be more comfortable with locals. My email address is and look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Gracias, Sol Maria


City: Cuenca

Province: Azuay

Country: Ecuador


Hello Sol Maria,

The weather in Cuenca is not as cold as it used to be and the city is splendid.
Please email me about one month before your arrival and I will find you a one month reasonable rental. You can also call me on my cell number in Cuenca at 08-41-95-156 or US number (786)375-8083 or skype me at "natduf37".

I am here to help you.

Take care,

El cambio climatico ha afectado al mundo, hace cinco años cuando llegue a Cuenca, era bien frio, pero los dos ultimos dos años, han sido mas bien templados calidos, pero estos ultimos tres meses se siente un poco frio, sin llegar a extremos, de no poder caminar o distraerse, no nada de eo no te asstes, el que temas el frio lo entiendo, pero no tiene nada que ver con lo que sientes...una, bufanda y un abrigo no muy pesado hacen el bien de ayudarnos y se registra solo en las mañanas y tarde en las noches despues de las 1O pm...sin embargo, por las dudas, se tiene un abrigo o una colcha caliente. No es demasiado, es algo con lo que puedes vivir!
Las calles del centro historico son bonitas y facil de caminar o en bus con descuentos si compras la tarjeta para mayores de 65 años.., la Avenida Remigio Crespo, tiene muchos bares como la zona rosa.. Ahora el consumo de alcholor esta controlado a ciertos dias y horas, yo vivo muy cerca de alli y no he visto mayores contratiempos despues de la calle Guayas...desde esta area , es facil llegar al centro y es relativamente calmado. en horas del dia... Si deseas mayor infomacion encuentrame en Facebook, Macrina Serrano (aparezco con foto de uno de mis hijos) o al cell 089392683, sabes que a veces es mejor que un nativo te ayude al principio ( bueno si conservas la amistad mejor...).para que no abusen de ti en precios,,,tu sabes , que a pesar de ser un lindo lugar,,no dejas de ser extranjera,,,si deseas ayuda, puedes contar conmigo..
Un abrazo a la distancia!....y suerte!, yo tambien conozco Uruguay. y aqui hay mayor cantidad de extranjeros y eventos culturales.(de USA aproximadamente dos mil residentes y unos 1700 con visa....)si te puede servir... a la orden!.
Cuenca Is the third city of Ecuador and is a nice city with similar weather than Quito very rich in minerals also near to the province of el Oro and Guayaquil both about 200 miles away Local people seems that they song wile they are speaking.And are they are polite,also Spanish churches and art of the times of the Spanish conquer are all over, I heard of friends that have the I also will like to visit Cuenca is one of the cites in Ecuador than I have not been there yet.
Since you are the first person to contact me this way I'll be glad to give a free tour in Quito for you to choose the kind of comfort you expect for the price you want to pay. contact me to my mail
Hi Sol Maria, I am not sure how the temperature varies in UY but here in Cuenca it varies from around 55-60 degrees farenheit in the early dawn and evening hours to about 75-80 degrees during mid-day. It is a very pleasant city with warmhearted folks who are very friendly and willing to help. If you are looking to stay with us for a few days/weeks until you find what you are looking for, you are more than welcome to do so. I will send our room rates to you via email.

Thank you for looking us up within
Cuenca is quite nice and very temperate compared to the weather you are describing. There is a huge colony of foreigners in this area. I do not have any resources there as I live in Imababura province.
Hello Sol Maria..
Cuenca is a reallyu pretty and kind city so I think that you're gonna love it, also the weather is not too cold and not to hot so maybe is what you're searching, also, you have wonderfull places in the surroundings that you can visit like Inga pirca or Pumapungo that are Inca fortress, Paute, Gualaceo and Chordelg that are famous for the weather and the fruits of these valleys, also Chordeleg is good for the jewerly and the pottery that you can find there
I found your Question about Ecuador. Yes, Cuenca is the destination you should consider, Also Baños is a good destination. If you want to learn more about Cuenca, please go into our Website
in the bottom of the page there is a link to Cuenca official web page.
Please fell free to ask me any question.
I will help you upon arrival in Quito. Maybe you will need to stay one night and then move on to Cuenca. There are no connecting flight and too long to go by bus.
Please drop a note
Hello Sol Maria!
Nice to know you are interested in visiting Ecuador. Well, Ecuador is a beautiful and diverse little country. You can go from the cold of the Andes to the warmth of the coast in a couple of hours. The capital city is Quito and it is a colonial city, but with its modern twist. I live in Cuenca which is the third largest city of Ecuador. Cuenca is a small town, very clean and beautiful. The temperature can range anywhere from 15 - 24 degrees. Visiting all the cities in december is quiet a treat because of all the celebrations around town. Food and lodge are quite economical. You can rent a double size bedroom for $30 USD and eat well for under $3USD (typical food). There are so many wonderful places to visit like the rainforest in the Amazon, hot springs in Banos, and of course the Galapagos Islands. I may add, that Cuenca has been one of the hot spots for Americans and Europeans to retired becuase its small town feel and beauty. If you need any more info, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Hi Sol Maria.

You'll be arriving in the warm part of the year. You didn't want to be here this past July, when morning temps were in the 30s.

My wife and I have a lot of info about Cuenca on our site, . If you don't find the info you need, ask on our questions and answers page and we'll find the info for you.


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