Where is the best place or area in Cairo to buy cotton or material? Can you barter on the price?


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


you didnt specify what kind of cotton material? or raw cotton? or maybe bed sheets or towels, sheets and towels are everywhere in shops, there's even a shop who sells towels and sheets, all egyptian cotton in Zamalek District, with very reasonable prices, and if you mean cotton materials that you would need to make clothes or sheets urself in big amounts, there are a big local markets for materials , its called "el-wekala" but i wouldnt recommend try going to this market alone as a tourist unless you have a guide or a local friend because sellers there wont be able to deal with locals so they will give any price... if there are any other details you still want to ask about this matter, im here :)
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there is an area called "el asher men ramada" translation: the 10th of Ramdan this area has a lot of factories of cotton clothes and if you want something specific you can ask there for whatever you want
Three specific districts, consisting of Wekalet El Balah, Al Azhar Street and El Sadd Street beside the Saida Zeinab mosque, are particularly famous among Egyptians for their large selection of fine items at great prices. The merchants in these locations are not generally frequented by tourists, but one can find almost any Egyptian cotton product in these districts.
there is a store called Heba it is located in to Malls
the first mall is Arkadia Mall
the second will be in the First Mall

prices there are not negotiable
Hi all ,

To buy Cotton products there is 2 ways:

Is to buy it in textile and for this you must go to the typical mentioned markets in the answers of others over here , By this kind of markets you can bargain the price till reaching the reasonable prices. normally they sell it by Meter , so the price is per Meter.

The second way is to buy fabricated materials of cotton like , T shirts , Chemise , towels , etc.. and here i ll take you for one of two ways :

1- If you are looking for typical tourist stuff , with ancient Egyptian decorations ant motives , so i would advise you the Pyramids area one of the most famous shops for that stuff is Funky Brothers Store , very by the end of the Pyramids street.

2- If you like to buy in local places the same stuff but no tourist motives neither old egyptian decorations nor motives , for this you can go to the big stores like Omar Afandi , or Sednawy , or any commercial centre where you will find a cotton store for sure.

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Enjoy your time

Boulak Abu Al Ela is the fabric market, which is a part of a larger market called Wekalat Al-Balah (on the banks of Nile), though the two are used interchangeably, north of the 15th May Bridge, where the 26th July Street is crossing the Nile, 400 meters (1,300 feet) south of the World Trade Center. Best time to go is in the morning around 11 o'clock or early evening when its cooler. The market is closed on Sunday.

For ready-made goods there are many tourist cotton goods shops near the pyramids. There is also a small chain called La Nuit that sells beautiful readymade goods. You can find one of their shops in Maadi.

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