Everyone says it is cold in January but how cold or should I pack my bathers?


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


It depends where did u come from ?
if u r europian or american then you will find it so nice
actually January is one of the best monthes in the year concerning weather it ranged between 20-25 in the morning and from 10-15 in the night
living here most of my life i think u wont need to pack too much just a light sweeter in the night when it goes chilli and light t-shirt in the morning to enjoy the warming sun
Hi All

It is really cold in winter especially by the night , during the day it is ok we are talking about 15 to 18 G. s.

Enjoy your time

it is not freezing cold , the weather in cairo in winter in rather warm and sunny during day time , the temperature is from 20 to 24 c ,and can be as low as 10c at night , the weather in egypt is considered a blessing relative to other countries because we have the sun all year long!
i agree with ahmed
but if you r hitting to luxor and aswan bring ur sun block with you , it very hot in the morning but very cold after the sun sets

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