hey everyone , im going to istanbul tomorrow and i dunno how much pocket money do i need to take.. im going for 5 days and...

...everything is paid except for lunch and dinner how much do i need money for lunch and dinner in istanbul an average of ??


Country: Turkey


at least 10 dollar per meal. 25 dollar will be very good for a day. I mean 150 dollar will be enough for 5 days. take care. kiss and love and maybe a hug.
It can be around 10 dollars for lunch and 20 for dinner that bdepends where u plan or chhose to eat.
have a nice time at istanbul
it varies where are you going to eat ... but it varies between $8 to 15 for lunch and $12 to $25 for dinner
as the other guys told a meal is between 8-15 dollars , dinner 12 -25 but it depends on your standards budget and company here.If your know some friends who guide you everything will cost less :-) .I would happily guide you (for free of course )

Hope you have a nice trip..
For lunch 10-15 USD, for dinner 15-25 USD. It depends where you will have dinner. If you go to a nice restaurants the price will be higher ofcourse. And also if you choice to have Turkish Gözleme, döner, midye ( please check my info list / what to eat in ıstanbul) than you pay less.. Food is very cheap in ıstanbul. Just you must know where to go and what to eat :)
If you need you can contact me via mail. I give you my phone number.. And you can call me anytime if you need help.
Have a good time.

In Istanbul, you can spend $10 per day or you can spend $ 10.000 per day. This is up to you...:)))))Istanbul's touristic areas are expensive so I recommend you to keep at least $100-200 per day in your pocket...regards..
Wellcome to Istanbul, Enjoy your meal :-)

Pricevise.. it depends... M.Donalds menu between 12-20 TL

Turkish fast food is "doner-ekmek-ayran" means meat kebab and yogurt drink between 5-10 TL

Lentil soup, tomatoes soup etc 3-5 TL

You may like to taste local restaurants "home made" or cook, beans and rice 3-5 TL or Turkish Pizza between 4-7 TL

All prices can be higher if you choose a fancy restaurant or any famous chain restaurant

My suggestion to taste : Lahmacun, Doner, Iskender, Kurufasulye, Pilav, Kusbasili Pide, Ezogelin corba

Have enjoy your stay in Istanbul (my home town)

I hope to see you next time in Bodrum :-)

you will need around 10 dollars for the lunchs and 25 dollars for the dinners.So,total will be 175 USD for the meals,
for the museums you have to put for each one 13 usd.

what would you want only travel or would you want interesting to someting
all price is change ı think to enough maybe 50€ each days

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