Will be in Beijing 15-20 Sept. We will be free from 5pm-midnight. How can we cover the Beijing attractions...?


City: Beijing

Municipality: Beijing

Country: China


Houhai lake area, Olympics garden, and Sanlitun bar street
you can visit the tian an men square
Thanks Localyte for making me retype the whole damn thing just for ticking the 'email' box. *sigh*

Unfortunately Beijing isn't much of a night city - just look at the ridiculous public transport operating hours for an indication. Most museums, temples, and places worth visiting (such as the Forbidden City) will be closed by time you get to town.

The places already mentioned are good suggestions. Houhai is a fairly Chinese bar area, but nicely set alongside a manmade lake. It's quite an old area, so you can also wander the surrounding hutongs which can be very pleasant. Plenty of restaurants there too.

Sanlitun is where most expats go - it's more concentrated, certainly not as nice visually, but nonetheless has some nice bars. Avoid the bar strip itself but head to the cluster one street to the left (behind the Village shopping mall). More lively than HouHai.

Olympic Village is open late and free - you can just wander through it. Same with Tiananmen Square, which is probably a must-see place to just soak in the atmosphere. Both lit up at night. From Tiananmen you can then wander to Wangfujing shopping street - a lively area even if you don't want to shop. The food street north of the pedestrianised area is popular - though personally I avoid it since food there costs more and isn't as nice as some of the small eateries dotted all over the city. South of Tiananmen is Qianmen - an old city gate and a famous landmark, though unfortunately the adjacent street was recently "renewed".

Shopping Malls in Beijing are open till 10pm - that includes those at Wangfujing, The Village, and also other malls such as Solana.
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Hi Dr.Syed, my suggestion is:
Day 1 (5pm-rest of the day): Houhai lake tour (by foot or the Rickshow), Beijing food for dinner(there is a Beijing cuisine restaurant very close to houhai)
Day 2: Tian'anmen square, Forbidden City, lunch, Summer Palace
Day 3: Temple of heaven, Pearl Market or Yashow for shopping, Acrobat or Kungfu show at night, get ready for the Great Wall
Day 4: The Great Wall (8am-early afternoon) (Mutianyu is ideal, lunch for Trout at the nearby village), The Olympic area
Day 5: Go to other small places that you're interested, get some more shopping, pack
Welcome and Have lots of fun!

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