What's the best way to go from Cosme Velho to Santa Teresa - Bus or taxi? Price of taxi ride? How long does this take? Thanks for advice


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


Microbus goes up R. Alice f/ R$2,35, Taxi will cost R$12-15,00.
I will cost U$50,00
Jim Campbell
Microbus goes up R. Alice f/ R$2,35, Taxi will cost R$12-15,00.
I will cost U$50,00
Jim Campbell
If I were you, I'd take the bus to Carioca (in the center of town) and go to the Tram station that goes up to St. Teresa. It is a much more fun ride with the tram. You'll spend R$ 2.30 with the bus , plus 0.60 with the tram, how about that? The taxi from Cosme Velho all the way to St, Teresa will cost you around R$ 20.00
Take a taxi and ask the driver to pass through Rua Alice, that is the best access to Santa not take the taxis stopped close to a square, you can stop a taxi in the street and say SANTA TEREZA VIA RUA ALICE...

The ride cannot be more than 15-20 reais.

By bus you will wait forever!

Write to me and let me know where you are...I will be more than happier to help you even more!
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Always better to take a taxi, it will not cost you too much, and the best way to go to Santa Tereza you will have to use Rua Alice.
Take a taxi, it will be less than 20 reais, and it is more practical.
It is easy to take a taxi, simple like that!
Hi, it is easier to take a taxi for sure, but be aware that many taxi drivers don't like going up to Santa Teresa because of the steep hills. Some will put their meter on the higher rate so do check with them what the price is likely to be before you get in - it is not uncommon for taxi drivers to overcharge foreigners! The rate shouldn't be above R$12-15 at most but it depends where in Santa Teresa you are going. You can ask them to drop you on Almirante Alexandrino (at the top of Rua Alice) and follow the tram track down to the centre of the neighborhood if you don't mind a little bit of a walk.

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