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Eyes on Nature Safaris Safaris and Vacations provides both regular and custom-made itineraries at very competitive prices to suit all budgets and tastes. We have so far been hailed by our clients as an efficient Tour Operator, delivering on every promise and ensuring timely responses to client enquiries. Please sit back and take your time to go through our special popular safari itineraries.
Please Note: The suggested popular itineraries provided in this safari manual are chosen from among Kenya and Tanzania finest Independent Travel itineraries. You may book them as shown in the manual or we may revise them to meet your requirements based on your budget and number of days stay.
Game drive/ game viewing is the standard mode of wildlife viewing in the African national parks, concession, where both regulations and safety considerations restrict exploration on foot. Conditions are ideal for vehicle safaris; rising savanna fame country from the security and comfort of a car, you will encounter a large number and variety of animals simply by chance. Game drives in most of the parks are always invigorating: you may go from one species to the next – observing zebra here, giraffe there, a knot of impala on the right, a trio of elephant bulls ahead. However, there is really no guarantee on what you will see; the animals are free to move around as they please, and may even pass beyond park boundaries.

Information on flying safaris in Kenya tours and vacations to kenya travel guide with kenya tour operator African Safaris plus tour to kenya and tours in kenya holiday adventures in kenya safari tours and africa safari experts in kenya tourism guide in kenya adventure safaris.
Each road safari group will be accompanied by the best driver-guides with expert knowledge in wildlife and other areas of tourist interest. The driver-guides are continually under training on subjects as varied as the maintenance of safari vehicles, client’s safety, the mating habits of various species, preservation and conservation, general knowledge and foreign languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.
May be provided (at an extra cost) upon prior arrangements. Safari courier is a seasoned
professional and is highly experienced as a field naturalist. In addition to giving introductory briefings and lectures on the area visited, Couriers provides information on African history and folklore.
Lodges come in many shapes and sizes. Many lodges are famous for their beauty as well as comfort. The general quality of comfort, cleanliness and service is high. Each facility has its own ambience. The newer safari lodges are modern hotels designed for harmony with the natural setting. Spacious verandas look out over fame viewing areas with stunning landscapes well visited by game. Some lodges are so well placed, usually by strategic water points, that the game can be seen at any time.
For those looking for Luxury and exclusivity, accommodation can also be in luxury tented

Camps some of which are superior to lodge accommodation. Accommodation in budget tents characterizes camping safaris. This is recommended for the budget traveler seeking to spend many days on safari.

Eyes On Nature Expeditions Safaris offers African Safaris in Kenya which include Kenya Major Holidays in Kenya Africa. Our services include city tours, travel to wildlife destinations, adventure destinations, adventure safaris, cultural tours, eco-tours, and beach destinations in Kenya.

You can book wildlife resorts, holidays tours, camp safaris to Kenya national parks, bush safaris, safari migrations, Kenya lodge safaris, Kenya balloon safaris, Samburu safaris, camp safaris and Kenya national parks.

Travel to national parks and scenic regions of Kenya and have an unforgettable Kenyan Safaris and holidays, luxury Kenya safaris, Kenya safari camps, Kenya Africa safari. Eyes On Nature Expeditions takes care of all your travel arrangements to Kenya. Have a memorable safari holiday in Kenya with Eyes On Nature Expeditions Safaris.

Experience the unbelievable mixture of exotic white beaches, savannah plains, Great Rift Valley - visible from outer space, great lakes and the fantastic wildlife. Contact us for the ultimate, Kenyan safaris.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or assistance that you may require. Individual and discounted group rates also available on request

We aim to create that special relationship which converts our business partners and visitors into life longtime friends.

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