Hello! Me and my girlfriend are planning to visit Granada around Easter for a short period of 1-2 days. We come from Madrid, where she... spending the semester as an Erasmus student. We are looking for cheap travel and accommodation. Can anybody recommend some to us? Oh, and does anybody know, where can I find telecar in Spain? Thanks in advance!


City: Granada

Autonomous community: Andalucia

Country: Spain


Cheapest way would be a bus from Estación Sur for about 30€ return ticket - check
There's a youth hostel but it might be hard to find accommodation during the eastern week and especially the weekend. Bar Cascabel in calle Elvira (the main street with bars starting from plaza Nueva) rents out rooms - i always used to stay there. It's a nice funky alternative bar and a great place to meet locals. A double room used to be 35€ but it's a while ago. Don't know what telecar is.
Enjoy Granada!
Granada is a very nice city i was livingthere past year,you can find a cheap and good hostel next to plaza nueva and calle elvira,full of bars and people.
This one is cheap,clean and kindly.and its very near.
you can visit calle Elvira,plaza nueva next to the hostel.
Dont forget to vist El Albayzin,its the most old block og granada,its arabic streets,white houses in a small mountain,next to plaza nueva,in the top of Albayzin You can find "El mirador de San Nicolás"where you have a wonderful look to "La Alhambra" the best that has Granada,at nigt illuminated its very nice watchin from el mirador de san Nicolas.
And please,dont forget to visit "La Alhambra" its 15 euros aprox.You can visit on morning or afternoon,spend 5 or 6 hours visiting it its wonderful,ill promise you won't dissapoint.

I'm sure you won't like to leave Granada!
Hope u have fun!

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