I will be traveling with my two daughters (20 & 18) to Rio. We are staying in Barra (east end) and they are looking for surfing...

...lessons. Would anyone have someone recommended? Also the best hang-gliding. And since we will be there for part of the Carnaval, any suggestions. Thank you - long time Carioca who has not been back for over 30 years!!


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


Some say I might be the one to come to for ALL your quests. Please look me up at , for means by which to contact me.
Huge hugs;
"Jimmy" Campbell
Try with "Jimmy". Many have recommended him for such issues. ()
Thanks alot, Carioca, please do write to me, I have some hints for you, my email is
Just have a look in my blog, lots to read but quite funny if you read some postings!
Great to hear that you are Carioca as well, I am ready to show you places that not even the real cariocas know...if you open my profile you will see the address of my blog!

Thank you!
This place is called Surf N'Stay
Carnaval is a very busy time for us, but we always have people to give some bright assistance, specially if you are coming with your daughters.

We have a team and Rafu organizes who is the best tour guide for you and if yoy are lucky, he can be your guide.

We know one place in Recreio great for suf lessons!! :)

I am sure we will be more than happier to answer any questions you have.
There is one hostel in Recreio that has surfing lessons and they are very good!!!

As for tours, I have heard that Rafa with so many reviews from all over the World will be the best guide.

I went on a tour with him and you do not only visit Rio, you experience Rio.

That makes the difference.
For surf learning you should go to Arpoador in the weekends, there are some surf shops where they will give you the right information.

Rio will always welcome an old son.
Recreio has the best waves, and next door there is Prainha.

There's a couple in Recreio near Macumba who organizes surf lessons, we all know them. Surf n1 Stay is their place.
If you`re staying in Barra you won`t have any problem to find surfing schools. Specially during summer you`ll find a bunch of guys on the beach renting boards and ready to give lessons.
Also Carnival is a very busy moment in Rio. once you get in the city you`d better call a hang glider to book a flight. They will pick you up and bring you back after flight. Usually I use the Falcao brothers, they are serious, professional and great guys. Let me know if you need any help on that. Kss
Welcome to Rio, if want extend you trip in Brazil, come to Bahia and you will see the best ever street carnival of the world
Well, Barra is a very nice area and a gorgeous beach as well. There are several options on surfing lessons just there or near Praia do Pepe. Sometime before you get here, please send me a private e-mail so I can give you all the clues where to go and who to look for. There are several guys doing the Hang gliding and I know the top guys, the champions that will definately give you the best flight in town. There are tons of things you can do in town and you need to make an itenerary or put down your preferences...
Well, , there is a surf school called Barrasurf ( /Contato/ ) that gives classes to foreign and whose owner is known among his friends as a excellent Carnaval planner. I have been in Rio during the last Carnaval and enjoy all of his tips.
Rio will have a lot of cool optiuons for you.
Hi, there are lots of places to learn to surf in and around Barra - Recreio and Macumba beaches are great places to surf and there are loads of teachers, most of whom speak English. Ask around at any surf shop and you will quickly find someone. For hangliding, I recommend Justfly - they have been established for years and are really experienced. Enjoy!

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