can u help me regarding on my vissit trip in dubai can i work there even my visa is tourist?


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


No way... UAE is very strict about that and one has to have a wokr/residence visa to be able to work or even find work... so be carefull about not working illegally. can cause a lot of problems if you (a) manage to find work and (b) if you get caught...
No sorry you cant work while on a tourist or visit visa! Heavy fines imposed if you try to and you are caught!
on tourist visa you cannot work however there are company who allow you to work on visit visa if they have given you the visa because till the time they apply for your residence visa they are allowed to do that because all legal papers are issued for them and tahts the reason if you have a visit visa from a company who is going to sponsor you in future you can work for them.
It is against the UAE law to employ people on tourist/visit visa. Should you require a suitable visa for the type of your travel, apply in your country's legal placement offices. They will have job openings for Middle East and you can apply from there. It is best to come holding an employment visa sponsored by your future employer here.

It is very risky to come here and get employment with the wrong type of visa.

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