What do with 3 nights in Paris

Any suggestions (other than the normal ones) of a family with a 14 yr old might like todo while there for three days/nights?


City: Paris

Region: Ile-de-France

Country: France


Hi, Paris has so much to do for all ages.. With your child,you can go visiting monuments, go up the Eiffel Tower, Get him/her to appreciate the artistic beauties of the city.. Take a boat trip down the Seine... Just walking around Paris can be very enjoyable with such a cosmopolitan crowd... Have fun in this fun city
It will be a great treat for a 14 year old to visit Paris as there is so much of interest that it is too much to list. You will have lots of fun and I am sure your child will be able to have a browse and choose lots of activities depending on his/her interests. Up the Eiffel Tower is a must and so is a boat trip on the Seine
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enjoy :)

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