Want to see the the real side of Egypt, and not just the touristy things such as the pyramids, etc. What would you suggest? No...

...museums, restaurants, etc.. Want to see how the locals really live.


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


okay i think i can help you in this thing... the most great thing in Egypt not only touristy things and all this stuff but also we have a great traditions here in Egypt.
and if you come to Egypt in Ramadan you will fell how much is it great? as all street and people don't sleep till the morning as you can go to " El-hossen" you will find people "family,friends & also the tourists " staying there eating in 2 a.m ,playing some thing call "tawla" in cafes , talking and here's picture that show you what i 'm talking about( ) and this picture in 2 or 3 a.m
we have many traditions like in our feast every one buy new cloths like in Europe in Christmas they buy presents it's the same thing but we buy cloths and our parents give us some thing call " eladia' it's money for our feast
also all Muslims in the first day of our feast go to mosque so they can pray "feast's pray" so you will find million and million go to pray and this pray in the sunshine maybe in 4.30 a.m but it's awesome
i can tell you till tomorrow what's in our country cause it's great but i think that's Enought for now if u need more information you can contact with me in my mail or send me message
hello there how are you ? hope you are fine
well each city and each country have its places non touristic it shows the traditions and the real life for the its people
so here in Egypt too we have many and many kind pf those places not only in Cairo but everywhere
i think if you are talking about Cairo well the best place you can visit is El Hussein area and around
but i think you will need a guide or someone who really know this places cause you can get lost easily
if you needed any help just tell me
old cairo and islamic cairo
Well firstly thanks for all the answers because they are really usefull and quiet good. Although i have another opinion about "El Hoseen". I think you do not want to take picture of "touristed" non-touristic places. You need a tour to explore the real Egypt, not ornamented places to look Egyptian. I recommend you to take a free tour at the folk, real and original Egypt. The Capital is full of these places and as my friend said try to catch it in Ramadan. Egypt realy has a special taste in Ramadan. If you want a specific description or any help, feel free to contact me :
. Have a nice day :)
Coptic Cairo
Islamic Cairo
Zainab Khatoun House
EL Sehemi House
Well, you have to go Hussein & Down Town;
Hussein area is a mixture between historical monuments & a modern city, it comprises many different monumental places (old dwellings, mosques...) as well as modern & old houses (as humble residences for nowadays Egyptians). There are Bazaars (touristic), small shops (local), real oriental restaurants, coffee shops...etc.
Down Town is like Hussein area but with much more dwellings, shops, people, VEHICLES & fewer monuments...
I think it’s better to be accompanied with a guide or a resident in order not to get lost & to show you everything that worth seeing.

Hope you would enjoy it ;)
Dear Traveler,
I think that the places that will show you how Egyptians really live are;Al-Sayeda Zeinab district.Moreover,there is Dar Assalam,Assayeda aisha,Been Al-Kasreen.In these places you can see how modest people live in Cairo.If you want to see that in Alexandria as well there are places like;Bakkos,Bahary,El-Sayala,and many other places.

If you want me to guide you to those places in Cairo or in Alex please contact me on my mail:

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