Are there days of the week when Prague Castel is closed?


Capital city: Prague

Country: Czech Republic


Hi, here is a good info about the Prague Castle + with openning hours and the most important sights to visit there ( it is a hole complex of sights there) you def. want to see the st. Vitus Cathedral + Golden Lane when you go there...if I am not wrong after 4pm the Golden Lane should be for free (no charges) but you better check on their official website or here on the link I gave you...enjoy your stay in Prague>]

The Prague Castle is open every day in the season 1st April - 31. October. On this website you can find information about concrete parts of the Castle.
Have a nice holiday in Prague.
Hi.Prague castle is open all year,7 days a week,but St.Vit cathedral close in 17h.Museums and other exhibitions(like National gallery) in 18h.
please notice that eventhough this place of interest is called Prague Castle you cannot expect it to be like for example Neuschwainstein or Versaille or czech castle Karlstejn. Here we speak about complex of many historical buildings including the seat of our president (places you cannot usually enter), St. Vitus Cathedral (enter FOC), Golden lane, and other palaces and churches.
you can see the opening on the following link:

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