Hi we are going to BA city and and to stay in one apartment in Paraguay street , number 1300. I would like to know if is this place good?

please if some one know this apartment tell me. thank you


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


Really don`t now if there is a good place to stay. I can recommend you one Hostel in Florida Street: Hostel Suites Florida. is located in Flrida Street 328. Good bye and luck !!
Awesome place. You´re near in the middle of the city center (but in a good area) and near Recoleta which is the poshest neighbourhood ever!
You´ll be near two metro stations and some block aways from the Obelisc ;)
This place is wonderful !!, u will be next to the center of the city, u have to visit Santa Fe Avenue, u will be next to it, it has a lot of shops, and coffee shops, and restaurants, u r very lucky, I wish, u enjoy that beatiful neighbourhood.
Hi Angelica!
In my opinion, you will be staying at a convenient area in BA center, however not the niciest place. Convenient because it is close to touristic points of interest, and public transportation. Feel free to contact me for further info and recommendations to make your stay in Buenos Aires a wonderful experience. email best regards.
I was growing up in 1307 Paraguay Street so I know this area very well. I confirm you that this neighborhood is the best to stay in BA. You'll are close to all and safe. Welcome to BA and please don't hesitate ask me if you need anything. Best Regards
Hi, I think that its a nice place to stay in. Its near to some places of interest. However its not a very beautiful place, maby if you want to stay in a better place you have to move to Palermo or Belgrano. In that place (Paraguay 1300) you could have problems with your security... Anyway, if you would know something else you can contact me on email
Nice area in between downtown and the rest of town (like Palermo where you can go out at night for a beer or a disco). Subway close enough. I would recommend that area for sure. If you have other options let me know at email
Amazing Place!!! it's sure and it's near to lots of interesting points. You'll can do city tours in bus, visit Recoleta and know people from other countries, BA is a cosmopolita city. We have bars and restaurants everywhere! the prices are great!
Angelica!!!! I know that place very well!!!!!!!! It's a very confortable area to stay because you can go easily to ANYWHERE in the city. You Have many means of transportation to take, and also your are near of VERY GOOD RESTAURANTS. If you want to have a nice dinner, you can go walking because you`re just two or 3 blocks away =)
Palermo is a VERY GOOD place to stay if you come for vacation.
Hi Angelica, its a good zone , near Recoleta and few blocks from ThE OBELISCO,it has a lot of shops, and coffee shops, and restaurants, you can choose others areas like Palermo , San Telmo , etc
Best regards
Have a good day
It´s a very good place to stay, you are in the middle of Recoleta, which is one of the finest neighbourhoods. Hope you enjoy yor stay,aand lt know if u hav furthr questions.
Hi Angelica!
Hope all is well there.
It is very good place. It is very close to downtown, Recoleta and Puerto Madero. The area has good means of transport to reach other tourist areas (barrios) Buenos Aires (BA) as San Telmo, La Boca or Palermo. The Teatro Colon and the Obelisco are a few blocks. If you need anything else feel free to contact me by e-mail: email.
Guide 4 Tourist
I think is a very good place because you are near the principal tourist atraction and there are buses (colectivos) to leve you near of them.
Si es muy buen lugar estas en pleno centro de palermo a 6 cuadras de un shopping muy importan zona de bancos. Y muy bueno para moverse ya que tienes micros, taxi y subterraneo todo muy cerca

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