Hi, I'm planning to stay in Newport Beach for one month, from june 23rd to july 22nd, and I'm looking to rent an appartment next to...

...the beach. I'm looking for cheap prices, between $1000 and $2500 for the month. 2 bedrooms. Do you know where I can find this sort of rent ?? Can't find on the internet... Thank you very much !!


City: Newport Beach

State: California

Country: United States


Hey Antoine
you should check out Seacrest apartments. THey have some furnished 2 bedrooms for under 2000 a month. They are located in beautiful San Clemente. Just about 20 minutes from newport. Great small beachy town and great surf spots like tressles just down the way.
Other than that you should try looking into craigslist and typing in Newport beach. Or other websites such as or apartmentguide.

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