how far is petrin gardens from the prague intl' airport ?


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


Hello there!!!
Interesting question :)
I presume you want to go straight to the gardens from the airport then?
Well, it's about 16km which is 10 miles and by car would take about 25 minutes.
Hope this helps.
By cab it is about 30 minutes- depending on traffic. By public transportation 50 minutes.
Hello from apt you need to take the 119 bus to Dejvicka ( last stop about 30 minutes ) then from Dejvicka to Malostranska by the metro ( 2 stops about 6 minutes ) , from Malostranska to Ujezd by tram Nbr 12 or 20 ( 3 stops 8 minutes ) in the end from Ujezd take the funicular ( lanova draha ) till Petrin Garden about 2 minutes ... So totally about 45 minutes depending on bus , metro , tram and funicular schedule :-)
Depends if you mean the rose gardens and the "Eiffel Tower at the top of Petrin Hill or the pathways and park starting at Ujezd. Taxi .. 15 minutes tops .. cheaper alternative is bus and metro then tram .. around 40-45 minutes I'd guess .. if you want details of this option message me.

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