Traveling to Singapore and Bangkok,need advise reg shopping

Hello,we are visitng Singapor and Bangkok. We want to shop for home furnishing,electronics,jewels,clothes and shoes. Which should we buy where? What should we buy in Singapore,what in BKK? Anything else good for shopping?Best shopping centres in each place?


City: Singapore

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Country: Singapore


I've never been to bangkok so im am unable to advise you on that part.

However, in Singapore.. these are my suggestions.
> Home furnishing..
Ikea at Queensway / Tampines
IMM at Jurong
> Electronics
Mustafa Shopping center at Little India
Sim Lim Square and Funan near bugis area
> Jewels
Little India has tons of goldsmith, but please beware of scammers
> Clothes
There are many shopping centers littered all over in Singapore that you can buy from.
But perhaps you can get cheaper clothes from BKK instead (from what i heard from my friends)
> Shoes
Again, there are many shopping centers.

Best shopping centers that I'd recommended would be ..
vivocity at habourfront
Far east, Takashimaya, Wisma at orchard
Bugis junction and bugis street at bugis

Hope this helps !

For home furnishing, you can try Ikea at Queensway

Electronics, try Mustofa Shopping center at Little India, IT stuff, try Sim Lim Square and Funan near bugis area

Jewels, not really sure

Clothes and shoes, try Orchard Road

Enjoy the travel !
This is for Singapore, you might like to post to localytes in Thailand for Bangkok.

Home Furnishing: IKEA is an excellent choice, simply because most of their funiture can be flat packed for easy shipping back to your home country.

Electronics: *Mustapha Centre* at Little India. It's open 24 hours and offers pretty good deals (promotions and bundled offers) on major brands, although they do not have the variety as other specialised electronic stores. *Funan Centre* at South Bridge Road (near City Hall) is a tech shopping centre with plenty of choices but usually at typical retail prices. *Sim Lim Square* is a great place for great variety and great prices - if you know your stuff. Meaning, you should know exactly what you are looking for and not let the sellers talk you into getting something unnecessary. They also mark up prices for tourists so be sure to bargain or ask for additional perks to go with the price you pay.

Jewels: If you are speaking of accessories in general then you can find them almost anywhere. Or you could try the popular *Soo Kee Jewellery* or *Lee Hwa Jewellery* for diamonds and other gems.

Clothes and shoes: For the youth, try *Haji Lane* in Bugis and *Far East Sqaure* which is in Orchard Road. In fact, the whole stretch of Orchard Road would be a good place to start your apparel shopping. You might like to venture to Queensway shopping centre for good buys on branded items too.
Hi, for Singapore, buy the following:
(Shopping center: Suntec city, Vivocity, Bugis, Chinatown).
(please get Merlion soft toy, Icon for Singapore =) )
home furnishing, clothes and shoes.(authentic Stingray Skin bags for ladies and gentlemen, durain cakes!!!MUST BUY).
(MBK shopping center (shop till u drop) :)
(you may want to stay at "pathumwan princess" hotel. just next to MBK shopping center).
Hi there,
If you are looking into lot of differnece and varity in a hyper mall. You may want to try IKEA (Tampines and Alexandra), or furniture mall at Kallang (many difference design, from MONDA, ZEN, and etc etc) As for good food, Singapore is a food paradise, and depending on your requirement and preference. The local resturant or local hawker food. You name it we have it but just becare when you are in Newton Circle Hawker centre for seafood, try to ask for the price list and price of the food you order 1st to prevent un-necessary dispute on the pricing.
As for Bangkok, I did not travel to Bangkok for many years, but I suppose is it not difficult to locate a local famous shopping mall and local freak market for cheap and counterfeit items, as Bangkok is very famous on this.
Thank you
Figo Loo
Singapore is great for shopping, shopping is one of singaporeans favourite pastime so there are lots of retail therapy opportunities here.
Furniture - if you want older/chinese antique stuff, try a place called Dempsey Road, lots of different shops in one area. More modern stuff try Barang Barang and iwannagohome stores.
Jewellery - there are jewellery shops everywhere, all the designer shops are here too
Electronics - best place to go is Funan Mall, near Beach Road
Clothes and Shoes - again all over the island. Best to go to biggest shopping mall in Singapore to start -Vivocity!
Cannot really recommend anything in Bangkok, shopped there but only for touristy stuff.
Enjoy your retail therapy.
In Singapore:

Home Furnishing & Electronics - I would recommend you to Ikea Tampines as beside that there were Mega Courts which sells wide variety of eletronics. As it will saves you the trouble from travelling around.

Besides, if you would like to experience Singapore Mass Rapid Transit; you can take the train to Tampines then take the shuttle bus to Ikea Tampines. After purchasing your item, there will be cab/taxi stand just outside Ikea Tampines/Mega Courts itself.

Singapore is known for its cheaper price eletronics compared to other countries. Beside Mega Courts, you could visit at Sim Lim Square or Peninsular Plaza where they sell eletronics stuffs and cameras.

Clothes & Shoes - It depend on what sort you looking for:

Far East Plaza is a place that sells a wide variety of clothings for both men and women. It has vintage, sophiscated and whatever you can name it.

The Heeren & Pacific Plaza, which sell wide range of clothings which include surfers brandings such as Roxy, Ripcurl etc...

VivoCity sells clothings from brands such as Gap, Forever21, TopShop, Topman, Zara, Esprit, Ecco. As compared to Far East Plaza, the prices would be steeper.

Takashimaya & Paragon would be another place you might want to visit, they sell wide varirty of luxury brands such as LV, Gucci, MiuMiu and the list goes.

There are lots of shopping centre in Singapore, these shopping centres provide somthing for everyone. So no matter which one you goes, it will be consider as the best.

As for BKK, I'm not quite sure.

Even though I had been there quite a few times, I always surprise myself with what they have there as I have not really explore the whole entire place yet.

Surprise yourself then! I'm sure the hotel is willing to help. Learn basic thai to communicate during shopping/travelling, the people there is really friendly.
hmmmm. Most of the places mentioned by other Singaporeans before me, are what came into my mind too.

and here I'm summarising.
=[ IKEA ]= for home furnishing.
They do sell many DIY items for your own convenience.
There are 2 outlets. One located in Queensway (Alexandra), another in Tampines (which is the newer one). You may wanna check out this page for information on "how to get to IKEA".

=[ Mustafa Center ]=
A 24-hour shopping center where you can find electronics, jewels, clothings (many on Singapore theme), etc.
Here is the website:

=[ Sim Lim Square ]=
Cheapest electronics items in Singapore. A place where you can bargain, BUT, watch out for those sellers who have the intention to burn a hole in your pocket. =)

and if you're heading to Sim Lim Square, you can shop at Bugis Street/Bugis Junction just a short walking distance away.

=[ Bugis Junction ]=
A shopping center located above Bugis MRT Station. The exciting retail space houses friendly shops and sidewalk cafes, delighting you with an old town atmosphere within a new city.

=[ Bugis Street ]=
located just opposite Bugis Junction shopping center, Bugis Street is Singapore’s largest street shopping location with about 600 concept stores offering a wide variety of quality trendy selections at competitive prices, a popular hot spot for tourists and locals alike. You can try bargaining here. =)

that's where you may consider exploring in Singapore.
whereas for Bangkok, one of the best shopping mall i love is....

=[ MBK Center ]=
also known as Mah-boon-krong, is an enormous marble shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand. At 8 stories high, providing over 2,000 stores and services, over 150 eating establishments and a large cinema city. Famous for a variety of negotiable products including clothes, cosmetics, leathered items, jewelry, electronics, information technology products, furniture, restaurants, supermarket, theaters, karaoke and 4-storey department store (Tokyu) Mahboonkrong also features a 5,000 seat "food court" at the 5th floor.

Here's MBK Directory floor plan:

How to get there:

I had bought "humor T-shirts" there at only 100 Baht each. it's cheap. =)

Hope you'll enjoy you stays in Singapore & Thailand. ^-^

For electronics the best place to buy will be in Singapore as there are many shops and malls that is offering good bargains. For electronics best to check out Sim Lim Square, Funan IT mall, Best Denki, Harvey Norman. Be extra careful when you shop at Sim Lim as its a place that you can bargain but you may end up being harass especially when you bargain and dont buy.

As for home furnishing - what sort of furniture are you looking for? Chinese Antiques? Then head down to Lim's Furnishing at Holland Village. They have sale if I am not wrong twice a year.

Clothes and shoes you can get in Bangkok and Singapore. Check out the weekend open flea market in Bangkok - I think you can google it.

As for jewelleries in Singapore there are many reputable jewelleries which you can browse around. Most of them are in the major shopping mall. For semi precious stones - come down to Jalan Sultan or Golden Landmark or drop me an email - I know a shop that does custom made semi precious jewellery at a reasonable pricing. As for Bangkok - you need to browse around in the main area but do be extra careful.
Hi, my answer would be fo home furnishing: Go to IKEA swedish furnishing (located in Tampines and Alexandra). Ask around when you arrive here. Electronics: Mustafa centre (in Little India) and Sim Lim Square (Near Bugis area), Lucky Plaza (in Orchard area) or Pearl Centre Level 1 (in Chinatown area). Jewels: Any reputable jeweler here in Singapore will do (cause they sell the real stuff). Eg. Lee Hwa Jewelry, Citigems, SK Jewelry, Soo Koo Jewelry, Taka Jewelry (this company offer many cheaper varieties if you have limited budget). All these companies offer better and modern/chic designs. Clothes & shoes: Try the many shopping centres in Orchard Road or head down to Vivo City Mall(in Harbourfront train station) which is a huge mall with lots of clothes and shoes to buy.

For Bangkok:
I recommend shopping in the night markets such as the one called Suanlum night market. Lots of things you can buy as a tourist there. BUT you need to cut down the prices! Sometimes they lift up the prices because you are a tourist. Always remember to haggle the prices down by about 30-50% if possible.

Another good and big shopping centre in Bangkok would be the Mabroondrong shopping centre. Lots of goods that you can buy there too. You'll probably find everyting you need there, except for home furnishing I think.
Shopping in Singapore:
Mustafa centre will fulfill ur essentials!
Exclusive items: Suntec & Orchard rd will be better.
Shopping in Thailand:
MBK, Central Plaza, BIG C,Pratunam, Tesco,Robinson will be better.
Night Market, Sunday market and don't forget to shop from the streets specially souvenir

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