when is the best time to go to Orlando to avoid the crowds


City: Orlando

State: Florida

Country: United States


I like to go in September or October during the week while the kids are in school. January and February during the week is also a good time to go.
The best time to visit Orlando, Florida is usually when children are during the normal times that children would be enrolled in school. The best months for that would be January, May, September, and December. Other months can work if you avoid the major Holidays. Visit for discount resorts, hotels, and tickets.
The best time to travel ito Orlando while enjoying lower rates is during American Major holidays during fall season such as week after labor day, few weeks in October, weeks during and after Thanks giving and Christmas when parks are empty. Americans and other westerners do stay home with their families during Thanksgiving and Christmas.
the week of Halloween is the best time.... the weather is perfect and the crowds are very small since everyone wants to stay home for Halloween.

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