how safe is it to travel round Sydney and Austrailia in general for a woman on her own


City: Sydney

State: New South Wales

Country: Australia


Sydney, and Australia generally, is safe. As with any travel, always be sensible and if in doubt, don't go somewhere.

Sydney has a few no-go spotes, but they are not on any typical tourist tracks. Night life areas, such as Kings Cross, are quite safe, but stick to the main streets.

Public transport is safe and late at night, taxis are safe, but expensive.
Australia is a safe country for women, I travel without every feeling frightened or even uncomfortable. Late at night, best to take taxis, especially in Sydney or other big cities, and follow any advice your hotel gives you about your area. If you are young and pretty, be careful if you go clubbing at night, whether you are alone or with other people you have met. If you order a drink in a club, chose a drink that comes in a screw-top bottle. Keep the lid on the bottle, and don't put it down out of your sight. There have been cases of girl's drinks being drugged.
Sydney is a pretty safe place in the main tourist areas of the city and beaches. Like any where though take care with any valuables you have such as if you go to the beach don't lose site of your belongings.

At night if you stick to the main roads you should be okay. Beware of Kings Cross, although there are some good clubs and bars there you don't have to go to far off the main path to find the druggies and prostitutes.

Also parts of Redfern and Surry Hills can be dodgey. If you are staying near central station these suburbs are not too far away. There is nothing really to see in those areas anyway but if someone were to suggest a friendly walk there I would decline. I am talking also from first hand experience there.

Overall Sydney is a safe place and I hope you enjoy your stay if you make it over here.
Hi and thanks for the question

as per my fellows aussies it is in general quite safe to be in Australia - along with some common sense and sticking to the main roads and not off the beaten path and not completely trusting total strangers wanting to go for a quick and friendly walk - I assure you you would be extremely safe - I actualyl live in Victoria and am wuite happy to help or assist you where necessary and or show you around Melbourne - Australia is such a large place and it would be a shame to restrict yourself to just one state

sincere regards

Sydney is pretty safe if you are traveling on your own. Most of the tourist areas are safe during the day and night. If you are off the beaten track, make sure to have your wits about you.
Public transport is safe and so are taxis. I travel a lot on my own and my one advice to women on their own is to always make certain someone knows of your daily activities or plans. When in doubt, give it a miss.

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