how much are your tours per person, how long is the ride and where, Thank you, Bo


City: Santiago

Region: Region Metropolitana

Country: Chile


The cost of the tour per person is US40 with a minimum of 5, it depends on the client how long is the ride, it could be a whole morning or just few hours, a free tour is also available if there is a minumum of 10 people.
It could be scheduled in the morning or evenings, but since we are still in winter, I advice morning, since during evening it could be too cold.
Bike is provided and a bottle of water.
The ride could be on hills, downtown, along the river, or just free ride in the streets of the city where you could ride in the "bike streets" that are arround the city.
starting from hostal de la barra w you have a 4 hours walking tour all aroun downtown. It´s free
Hi Bo , look ...i don´t really have like a "price list" , i don´t like seeing this as some sort of "company service". Yet , if you tell me your tastes , type of places u would like to go , etc , i can arrange something made specially for ya according to your "traveller personality" (i just made that up :D ), and tell you how much and how long for the tour.
really i dont have a price list but talking we can make a bussines
Hey Bo, I dont have a price for the tour, but I can create something fun acording to your own interests and waht you have in mind to do whilke you are here, if we keep in contact we can come up with a tour and then we can talk about how much is that ok?? xo Javi
hi Bo!... i dont have a price list for the tours.... but we can discuss it (i dont know.... maybe 50USD.... but it will depends about what do u wanna do, a daytrip?, brunch?, go out and party?, snowboarding is amazing at this time?)....i have my own car so i can drive u....
let me know!
Hi Bo, if you are a group I can do a price... I live in Santiago, so if you want to know Santiago we can go the tipical places of the city, and we can go to the near cities this is about 2 hours to Santiago for example beaches, lakes, mountain or village, forest... or dipends your likes. I like to travel too, so for me is not very important the mony I like this experience!!

Well you can contact me if you like this! Regards
Dear Bo there is a very good option of seeing Santiago at your own pace,which the hop on hop off bus.It covers most of the Santiago cultural places including the fish Market,Bellavista Bohemian were you can take the funicular to San Cristobal Hill 600 feet over Santiago.Its a good and unexpensive choice.

Best regards


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