Are there any hop on hop off bus tours in Rio. If yes what are the names of the companies, prices, departures points etc.....


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


Not yet,but there is anew project starting in Rio quite soon,stay tuned and have a look in my blog which
no, this isn´t available yet, but you have other kind of service, try:


The last time I was in Rio I saw one of those buses, but I don´t think they are working yet, maybe it was on test. Get more info at the oficial website:
No, hop on and off are not available but there are tour buses with pre set itineraries and set time for pick ups at the different hotels...
I think it is good idea, this buses are fun...but I think there is a project to start this service here in Rio.
We still do not have this kind of bus.
Maybe when the World Cup comes!
I really dont know what it is
We are in the process of starting up the first hop-on hop-off backpacker for the state of Rio de Janeiro. If you have any interesting ideas, comments, or maybe want to work with us please contact us through It's just a test site, but gives an idea of what we are doing. We would love to get input from you!
There are plenty of tour companies in Rio, and the prices vary enormously. My favourite company is Brazil Expedition, which generally works with hostels so the prices are quite low (probably around R$60 for a day's expedition). They do tours of the main sights as well as trips to football matches, favela parties etc. The Carioca Tour is very popular. You can arrange for them to pick you up at your hotel. Also very popular is Jeep Tour , where guests are driven around on a jeep to various locations in the city. It's a little more expensive, but does pick up hotel guests en route.

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